10 Best Shrubs To Plant Around House or Office

Shrubs are small woody plants that help to make your surroundings more beautiful and give a pollutant-free life. It absorbs pollutants and provides oxygen for everyone; it is a gift from nature.

These are the best shrubs to plant around the house or office to give the purified air to breathe. Both houseplants and shrubs give more benefits for human beings in de-stress and purifying the air.

10 best shrubs to plant around house or office
10 best shrubs to plant around house or office

10 Best Shrubs

1. Chinese Fringe Tree

Chinese Fringe Tree

maintenance differs in different seasons; it gives more benefits to humans like purifying the air, being tolerant in cold, giving healthy fruits and making the surroundings clean by purifying the air. You can feel the freshness while breathing the air. You have to plant these trees in moist soil and in the sun-light shade.

2. Quartz Rose Verbena

Quartz Rose Verbena

is a colorful shrub that attracts butterflies with beautiful flowers. It has bright pink flowers with white eyes all the seasons and gives more benefits for humans for fresh breathing air. You have planted this in full sun.

3. Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce

Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce

The trees look beautiful, it is a globe-shaped evergreen shrub with blue needles and it is brighter in summer. You have to plant these trees in full sun and prevent it from the hot sun and heavy winds.

4. Purple Prince Butterfly Bush 

Purple Prince Butterfly Bush

is a beautiful shrub that attracts butterflies with fragrant purple flowers with orange eyes. You have to plant these trees in full sun for the best flowering.

5. Firelight Spiraea

Firelight Spiraea

gives deep orange leaves and pink flowers in summer. You have planted these shrubs in full sun to partial shade, it likes to grow in well-drained soil.

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6. Quartz Burgundy Verbena

Quartz Burgundy Verbena

is a beautiful shrub which attracts more butterflies and it blooms in all season, it gives dark burgundy flowers with white eyes.

7. Rockspray Cotoneaster

Rockspray Cotoneaster

is also a beautiful shrub that gives pink flowers followed by red fruit, it attracts birds. You have to plant these shrubs in full sun to part shade and it likes medium water.

8. Blue Lyme Grass

Blue Lyme Grass

has beautiful steel-blue foliage which is so attractive and you have to plant in organic soil.

9. Wooly Thyme

Wooly Thyme

has wooly gray leaves and bright pink flowers in summer which brings more beauty to your house surrounding.

10. Quartz White Verbena

Quartz White Verbena

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