6 Ways To Go Green And Save Green

Urbanization is a curse when it is not handled and managed well. It leaves some unturned impacts on the earth that are threatening the existence of living organisms on earth. Polluting the motherland is very dangerous and has very adverse effects. The increase in greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions is shaping the very bad future of the earth. Melting of glaciers, abrupt climatic changes and exacerbating temperature are some concerns that can be seen on a large scale. Additionally, going green is also beneficial for your own health. There are 6 ways to go green and save green.

Preserve The Natural Green Spaces

First of all, you should not destroy or damage green spaces. Instead, you should take part in the conservation of green spaces. Concrete jungles have replaced the green belts in large cities. Lack of urban planning knowledge and insufficiencies in technical strengths have led humanity to this level of destruction. On an individual level, you should preserve the trees, plants and other greeneries so that they would play a significant role in improving the environmental condition around you. There can be trees located near to your house. You must help it grow by watering it every day. If it is not possible to water the tree every day then at least water it once a week.

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You should be taking care of cleanliness measures whenever you find time to visit the park. Encourage your children to put waste material in the bins and walk on the given track. As many as green covers you can preserve through your individual efforts, it will be beneficial for you and for the overall community. It would be really wise to encourage the neighbors and your society to grow more plants in their houses. Annual seminars can pave the way for growing plants.

Use Solar Energy

Using renewable energy resources is helpful to maintain an eco-friendly atmosphere. Electricity produced from oil and other material is costly and pollutes the environment. Solar energy is a great way to lay off the burden on the environment. It was thought that solar panels are expensive. Recent innovations have made solar panels very cheap. The reduction in cost has also occurred due to growing solar energy industries. Contemporary energy resources produce hazardous elements which pollute the air. Mainly it is due to the production and release of carbon dioxide into the air. Bad air quality is producing many diseases such as eyes irritation, suffocation, and asthma.

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Due to recently spreading awareness, America has reduced carbon emissions by 16.8 million metric tons.  This is a great achievement considering the previous situation. Another biggest advantage of using solar energy is that it really reduces the consumption cost. It has been in a report that utility rates increase by 4.5% annually. The only solution to cut this cost from your burden is using solar energy for your homes and offices. Research shows that using solar energy saves you 25% of energy costs. It is really shocking and pleasing because you would be able to spend this amount for your other purposes. A researcher Nils Kok says “The energy savings ensure that buyers will recoup the ‘green’ premium cost before the mortgage is paid off”.

The biggest advantage of using solar energy is that it is renewable. It means that solar energy is not going to decrease. Sun is the biggest source of energy as it produces 10000 times more energy than the total amount of energy that we consume. Solar panels will keep storing energy obtained from the sun and we will keep benefitting from this process without harming the natural atmosphere.

Use Public Transport

Nowadays, every country is equipped with modern transportation tools. Carpeted roads are even available in villages let alone cities. Instead of using cars, we must prefer traveling in public buses and public transportation. It’s (Intelligent Transport System) has made transportation more securer than ever. Modern transportation is cheap as well. Owning a car is costly and it produces smoke that largely pollutes the environment. Oil consumption also increases causing a burden to your economy.

A bus usually accommodates 50 or 60 passengers whereas a car can only accommodate 5 persons including the driver. Point is that for 60 passengers, there is a need for 12 cars approximately. Now you can estimate the pollution that these 12 cars will produce. In such a way, every individual plays his part in contributing to an eco-friendly environment for all. Usually, people complain that public transport causes delay. This issue has been resolved in many countries due to the introduction of metro trains and busses. These vehicles are readily available at the station and have fixed timings.

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There is another way for reducing the pollution caused by motor vehicles. You should use bicycles for daily commuting. In Japan, more than 80% of people are still using bicycles for daily traveling. You could travel to the market on a bicycle. Even bicycle riding will help you stay fit and healthy. For office traveling, a bicycle can be used.

Grow Plants

Tips to Order Plants Online
Tips to Order Plants Online

You can grow plants everywhere in your house. Plants can be grown for many advantages. The most important advantage of plants is that they help to clean the air. You will be able to inhale fresh and healthy air. Secondly, plants can increase your income as well. Kitchen gardening is a concept used to grow vegetables and fruits at home. By utilizing this concept, you can add many bucks to your savings. Also, you will contribute to the healthy environment of the city. There are many vegetables which can be grown this way. For example, the tomato plant does not take much space and 3 plants are enough to produce as many tomatoes as you need in a season.

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Plants are also good for making your home aesthetically beautiful. A plant in every room will totally change the look of your home. For creating a rustic home, plants are very essential. Rustic homes look amazing because of their appearance and construction. For rustic homes, you should abandon the old wood instead you should re-purpose it for any other use. The maintenance cost of a rustic home is also very low. Instead of buying plastic furniture, you should go for a wood vanity to add class and style. The use of standing desks is preferable over plastic tables.

Green Roofing

Green roofing is another sustainable development concept. In this concept, you can grow plants on the roof of your building. The process of preparing a bed for cultivating plants is a little difficult but you will get the rewards of hard work. You need to prepare five layers. The top layer of the bed consists of fertile soil while the lowest layer should be made for insulation purposes. Insulation is very necessary for safeguarding the surface of the roof from water. A little bit of help from the literature available on the internet will enable you to prepare a perfect bed for growing plants.

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In the summer season, the roof gets warmer to excessive sun rays that fall directly on it. Plants grown over the roof will help the building to cool down because plants are naturally equipped to fight the warm temperatures. People, who have small home space must consider the installation of a green roofing system in their house. People who have comparably large space homes should also opt for porous surfacing. The porous surfacing can be used for plantation and other purposes. Preparing porous surfacing is easy. Parking lots can be made porous instead of making these lots of concrete. It would be advisable to use as less concrete as you can. Concrete absorbs sun rays during the daytime. This absorbed sun ray raises the temperature. Therefore, concrete surfaces should be avoided.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting benefits for your garden and household

Rainwater harvesting is the process of storing rainwater for domestic use. India has already installed many rainwater harvesting units in one of its states. Through rainwater harvesting, you will be able to lay off the burden of water supply organizations by collecting your own water for plantation and other domestic use. This is an extremely low-cost technique in which you only need to insert a pipe in areas where usually rainwater gathers. Connect these pipes to a storage tank. Then from the storage tank, you can use this water for plantation use.

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There are many other techniques that are really helpful in going green. Simple wise measures such as using air conditioners for minimum time can help you save many bucks and the environment. It has been considered that CFCs emitted from refrigerators and air conditioners are the biggest factors for depleting the ozone layer. Similarly, following the guidelines of waste management authority in bazaars and house is very necessary. You must put the recyclable wastes in the prescribed bin necessarily because it is going to be recycled and used again. It has been revealed that 60% of shopping bags are being recycled in America. Additionally, Brazil takes lead in recycling the products as it has the management and system to recycle 70% of its wastes. It would be wise to use recyclable products.

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