Above Ground Pool Ideas: The Top 5 Ideas You Have To Know

Are you itching for a place to soak your feet this summer? An above ground pool is a perfect place to relax with the whole family.

But you don’t want just any pool.

Your pool should be exciting, a worthy place to host a party or just hang out on your own. That’s why you need to add a little spice.

Once you have your pool, it’s time to think about decorating it.

You’ll need to provide a space to lounge around it and make it as comfortable as you can. Stumped about how to do that? There’s no need to worry.

We’ve done the research and come up with the 5 best above-ground pool ideas for your home. Read on to discover a bit about this type of watering hole, and explore the themes which will turn your boring blue stock pool into the ideal spot for you.

Why An Above Ground Pool Is Perfect For You

So, why should you install an above-ground pool? There are several reasons why this type of pool might serve you better than its in-ground brother:


An above ground pool is simply cheaper than an indoor pool. Of course, costs vary depending on how big you want the pool, accessories, and where you’re located. According to Fixr, the national average for an in-ground concrete pool is nearly $22,000. The average for an above-ground pool is just $6,200 in comparison.


It’s also a question of installation time. An above ground pool may be installed in just 2 or 3 days by a team of professionals. You can also do it yourself if you’re inclined to take on that project. An in-ground pool takes much longer, a few weeks or even months. You must hire professionals for this.


It’s also a question of simple convenience. Installing an in-ground pool takes money, time, and resources. Paperwork, phone calls, and even (depending on where you live) zoning restrictions. Getting an above ground pool takes very little effort and is done much faster.

5 Above Ground Pool Ideas For Your Home

Ready to read about the 5 best above ground pool ideas? Let’s get started.

1. Contemporary Design Pool

This above ground pool idea is great for the homeowner who wants an elegant, chic, and modern pool area. Building up your backyard space around the idea of contemporary design need not be overly expensive or time-consuming.

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After all, one of the best components of the contemporary design concept is its simplicity. That being said, you’ll want everything to look neat. You can begin the design with any size or shape of the pool that you choose.

Choose decking with a dark brown or even black coloring to provide essential contrast to the pool. Contemporary deck furniture needs to be simple, geometric and placed strategically to provide a pleasing backdrop for the pool area.

You can install LED lights in your pool to keep the contrast going at night. With a contemporary outdoor design, plants are a good idea.

However, avoid brightly colored flowers. Instead opt for ornamental grasses, cactus, and other plants with more muted tones.

2. Beach Bonanza Pool

A beach-style pool is a fun, laid-back place to hang out during the summer. It works especially well for those who crave salt and sand and want to bring it home with them.

Designing with a beach look in mind is simple. You’ll want to go with light, airy colors. The decking should be white, and furniture should be styled after traditional beach furniture, yet optimized for your personal comfort and a sleek look — think pieces like these white chaise lounges.

It’s a good idea to make some further effort to secure a beach look, so put out some beach shells in a clear glass bowl. You’ll definitely want to have a beach ball floating around as well.

If you want to go the whole hog, tiki torches and string lighting are always a good idea for a beach party. For best results, plant some beachy plants.

3. Moroccan Dream Pool

The Moroccan style of decorating is known the world over, and it’s one of the most beautiful themes you can choose for your pool. You’ll need bright, vibrant colors in a whole rainbow of hues, intricate design elements, and comfortable low-set furniture to make it all work out.

Choose exotic plants like banana, date palm, or papyrus to make the look seem more natural as you extend it to the landscaping. Even simply putting out some potted yuca plants will work well.

It’s a good idea to choose a lighter deck color to open up the floor, as the eye will be drawn in every which way by the other colors and you don’t want to lose focus on the surroundings. Definitely incorporate some Moroccan-style string lights or lanterns to brighten up the place at night.

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Don’t be afraid to throw down a Moroccan outdoor rug or hang up a durable tapestry outside. Consider placing outdoor cushions on the ground in lieu of chairs, with a small outdoor table to hold drinks and the like. If you want to get really into it, install Moroccan tiling around the deck area.

4. Sports Skills Pool

This is one of the best above ground pool ideas for sports lovers. Converting your pool into a sports arena is a fun and easy way to get outdoors and move your body. Plus, it’s great entertainment for kids, neighbors, and friends.

Start off with the decking. You can choose to keep your current decking or to get some easy-install waterproof turf squares. This not only provides a comfortable place to walk, but it also makes your deck look like the field on which your favorite game is played.

And no matter which game is your favorite, chances are there is a version of it that is made for the pool.

Get a pool basketball game and impress your friends with your free throw. Snag a pool mini golf game and turn your entire backyard into a golf course, with the pool as an extra challenge for those unafraid of getting wet. You can even get a volleyball set for your pool, securing fun for the entire afternoon.

If you’re looking to extend that fun into the evening, install some waterproof stadium lights to brighten up the field. You’ll also need to get some sporty game day chairs for spectators to sit on and watch, as well as a cooler to set between them.

5. Backyard Barbecue Pool

This idea is great for those who want their pool to be the center of many a backyard get-together. If you’re eager to play the host, then this is definitely an idea to consider.

You will need quite a few accessories for this idea, so keep that in mind. The ideal backyard barbecue pool would be equipped with a full outdoor kitchen. Of course, this can run you several thousand dollars and sometimes up into the tens of thousands.

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If that’s not feasible, get a mini-fridge and a simple outdoor grill for just a hundred dollars. You’ll still be happy with the results, and it won’t break the bank to get there.

You’ll also need outdoor dining set with a table and chairs. You can choose wicker, plastic, or metal depending on your own preferences. Place chairs strategically around the property so your guests have many places to sit.

That includes in the pool. You’ll want to have as many pool floats and toys as you can stomach. Don’t be afraid to get some other traditional barbecue games either, like horseshoes or washers.

There is no set-in-stone color scheme or décor ideas for this theme. It’s more focused on accessorizing in a way that brings people together. You can use whichever colors you prefer (though bright ones always work best for a party), and you can get whichever style of furniture tickles your fancy.

What To Think About When Considering Above Ground Pool Ideas

There are several things to consider when it comes to picking the best decorating ideas and themes for your above ground pool.

Personal Preferences

The first and most important aspect to think about is your personal preference. Do you like bright colors? The Moroccan-themed pool is full of them. If you’re into modern design, do a contemporary look. Remember, your pool is your oyster.

Your Budget

How much money do you want to spend? All of these ideas may be done on a tight budget, but some are more economically friendly than others. For example, the backyard barbecue requires lots of seating, a barbecue, and pool floats. All these expenses can add up, so think about your budget beforehand.

How Much Time You Have

How much time are you willing to put into decorating, shopping, and making choices? All of these projects take some time, but some of them may be done quite quickly. The beach-style pool could be done in just one day once you have all the materials, while the Moroccan-themed pool will probably take a few days.

Use These Above-Ground Pool Ideas For An Ideal Summer

Now that you have a whole slew of above-ground pool ideas at your disposal, it’s time to get started designing your dream backyard getaway.

Why not start today?

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