Aerocart Review: A Deeper Look of Its Features

If you’ve seen the WORX Aerocart infomercial or an infomercial for that matter, you probably have your doubts about the product.

However, while there are indeed some questionable and somewhat awkward products that come out of infomercials (Potty Putter, we’re looking at you), there are some gems as well.

Yes, the majority of infomercial products that first come to mind seem a bit scammy. The magic hair fiber spray aimed at balding men may come to mind. Or maybe you first thought of the ab belt that allows you to develop a 6 pack while drinking a 6 pack on the couch.

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But products such as the Magic Bullet and Oxiclean have also come out to infomercials, which are actually pretty useful and forward-thinking innovations.

And let’s not forget about the effortless and endless coziness that comes with the Snuggie.

The WORX Aerocart, or the WORX Wheelbarrow, according to manufacturers, is “much more than a wheelbarrow.”

It’s designed to take on any heavy lifting job you’re faced with, plus the ability to perform multiple other functions by turning into a completely different device.

Magic? Let’s just see.

In this article, we’ll outline everything you need to know about the WORX Aerocart, the 8-in-1 wheelbarrow, so you can decide for yourself if this home landscaping innovation is actually worth your time and money.

Who Is WORX?

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Before we look at Aerocart in all its glory and decide whether or not it’s legitimate, it’s beneficial to see where this new work tool came from first.

Even though WORX is one of the newer manufacturers of garden equipment and power tools, you may have come across some of their products while visiting Costco or Home Depot. 

WORX began in China in 1994 by Don Gao, who also started the Positec Tool Corporation, a company that sold power tools to other brands.

He saw two things through this work:

  • That many power tool brands sold these products alongside gardening equipment
  • There was a lack of solely gardening equipment

This inspired him to start his own gardening branded equipment company, WORX.

Thanks to his partnership with American entrepreneur Tom Duncan, WORX was able to find its way in with major retail companies.

What Is The WORX Aerocart?

WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 All-Purpose Wheelbarrow/Yard Cart/Dolly

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  • Highly versatile lifting and moving work system device instantly converts from wheelbarrow to dolly and more
  • Oversized, flat-free tires never need inflating
    Patented design adjusts center of gravity for a balanced and easy-to-manage load
  • Converts tool-free to work as an extended dolly, flower pot mover, trailer mover, bag holder and cylinder carrier
  • Includes these accessories: flower pot strap, cylinder holder, bag holder and mesh rock mover
  • Durable, all-steel construction with weight capacity of 300 lbs. Wheel barrow weight capacity- 300 pounds. Dolly load capacity-300 pounds
  • Ergonomic lift design makes a 200-lb. wheelbarrow load feel like 17 lbs., approximately 3 cubic feet volume capacity
  • Fold-out extension arm to carry flower pots, small trees, mulch bags, straw bales and other oversized, awkward items
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The fully assembled WORX Aerocart at first glance seems like your average wheelbarrow. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll realize it has some curious features that may not seem like they make sense right away.

WORX Aerocart is extremely versatile. It can transform from a wheelbarrow to an extended dolly to a flower pot transporter to a bag holder to a trailer or brick carrier.

The Aerocart comes with a converter kit which also makes it transform into a garden wagon or snowplow.

It’s extremely sturdy and can accomplish a surprising amount of yard jobs.

Thanks to its two front wheels, this Aerocart won’t tip over. The wheels also alter the center of gravity so you’re actually lifting 4X more weight than what it feels like you’re lifting. 

However, the best way to describe this wheelbarrow is by explaining its different functions since it’s far from your average yard helper.

This WORX product is designed to be a:

  • Yard cart
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Dolly
  • Plant and rock transporter
  • Extended dolly
  • Cylinder transporter
  • Bag carrier
  • Trailer tote

All of these functions are possible due to the mega-wheelbarrow’s design.

Let’s look at these functions a bit closer to see how they’re possible.

2 Cubic Foot Steel Tray

The carrying capacity of the 3 cubic foot tray is 300 pounds however you may have some difficulty getting that load into it, to begin with.

A 3 cubic foot tray is a great size to move around with ease and comfort, especially seeing as the WORX design is created to make 200 pounds feel like 17.

For those of you who require to move a huge load in a short amount of time, this tray may be too small to be effective in that respect. This tool isn’t made to be used for commercial-worthy yard jobs.

However, it’s definitely big and strong enough to accomplish any of your backyard duties, no matter how big your yard is.

Flat Free Dual Tire Design

A flat-free tire makes everything a bit easier. You don’t have to worry about changing your flat after every unexpected nail or sharp rock you come across.

Inflated tires also tend to dull throughout the winter or summer hear which causes fissures and cracks that become difficult to repair.

They’re made out of durable plastic that tends to wear over long-term use. However, it will give you peace of mind when performing difficult tasks.

The only downfall with flat-free tires is that it doesn’t provide much give as an inflatable tire would. This can make your wheelbarrow travels a tad bit bumpy.


Probably one of the best features of this wheelbarrow is the add-ons that make it a multi-purpose tool.

While the regular wheelbarrow is mainly used for carrying loads that you lift in or out of it, this wheelbarrow offers tools to move heavier or awkward items with total ease.

The whole system is a low profile, which makes it difficult and may create some imbalance when users need to lift the handles higher.

Even if you don’t own a garden or any plants, this wheelbarrow can still be useful for a number of reasons.

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Rock And Potted Plant Transporter

With the mesh and pot strap that comes with the Aerocart, you’ll be able to lift large and/or awkward objects or loads you may not have been able to load onto a regular wheelbarrow yourself.

All you need to do is pull out the extension arms, clip your strap and lift it up.

This is a huge back saver.

Instead of dragging heavy objects around your backyard, you can transport whatever you need with minimal effort.


The dual dolly part of the Aerocart offers a 300-pound carrying service. Alternatively, you can carry 80 pounds when using the extension arms for bulky items.

This feature can be extremely helpful since your wheelbarrow has now become not just a yard helper, but a household helper as well.

Bag Holder And Lifter

Now, you don’t need a separate bin for your yard waste.

All you need to do is attach the bag holder onto the cart frame and then pop it in the bag you’re using.

This frees up your hands and makes transporting your waste or bag of leaves a lot easier. This is a lot of people’s favorite feature as it saves a whole lot of frustration.

Cylinder Transporter

This wheelbarrow also comes with a clip holder for cylinders that snap right onto the frame and work with the dolly to transport containers such as barrels, trash cans, or water jugs without breaking a sweat.

You won’t need to tap or drag your trash can down the lane to be picked up or only fill the container partway, afraid you won’t be able to move it afterward.

With this feature, you’ll be able to get to where you need to be without putting strain on your body.

Accessory Holder

This system also offers accessories that work alongside your Aerocart to help you master your task.

It comes with tool clips, organizer bags and a 20-gallon waterbag to transport water.

While the waterbag comes with the wheelbarrow, the other accessories don’t. However, they are available for purchase if need be.

Benefits And Features

It seems as if there’s an endless list of benefits and features attached to this transformer wheelbarrow.

This list of features and benefits, along with the list of functions as seen above, will help you decide if this model is right for you, or if you require something a bit simpler or just different.

Let’s check out the two main features of this futuristic wheelbarrow.

Stainless Steel Design

The whole design of this cart from the tired to the barring is made of stainless steel. This means the cart should stay strong for many years without the chance of it breaking down or losing strength.

Everything besides the cart itself is powder-coated for extra protection. Although this doesn’t make it scratch-proof, most reviews say it doesn’t trust easily.

This is especially true if you store the cart correctly.

Comfort End Grips

Unlike regular wheelbarrows, this cart’s handles have a comfortable grip that offers extra cushioning on your hardworking hands.

This is especially convenient when you’re working with heavier loads that rely on delicate joints. It also provides better weight distribution when pushing the cart for any sort of length of distance.

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What Customers Think

WORX Aerocart benefits have reached the hearts of many customers throughout the years. In fact, currently, out of over 1,500 reviews, 61% of customers have rated the cart a 5 out of 5.

However, the design may not be exactly for everyone.

This wheelbarrow works great if you have a lot of yard work to do, and different types of tasks at that. While some customers boasted about how useful the wheelbarrow was, others didn’t think it was capable of living up to its name with heavier loads.

A lot of customers also complained that their wheelbarrow ended up being smaller than expected, and therefore wasn’t able to carry that much.

While each feature is great for specific reasons, the real magic of this cart comes out when put to work. As long as you make sure the wheelbarrow is only handling yard work and nothing too strenuous, it’s able to do its job well.

Check out some of the comments from Amazon here for a more in-depth look.

Aerocart Assembly: How it Compares

Like most products that arrive via airmail, this cart requires a bit of assembly before putting it to use.

However, the reviews seem to show that it’s surprisingly easy to assemble, despite all the functions and add-ons it offers.

The main part is already put together, so all you need to do is pop on the wheels, add on the accessories and double-check with the instructions that everything is on properly.

The accessory installation may not be as familiar as the wheels. In this case, make sure to follow the instructions closely.

Then, add on the barrel stabilizer, the dolly platform, bag holder and dolly extension.

Everything you need to know is explained extremely well through the detailed and pictorial assembly guide.

What We Think

You’ll be surprised how many tasks you’ll use this wheelbarrow for.

While most people think it’s only for gardening and yard work, it can also come in handy for lots of other at-home missions and projects.

While the manufacturer says it can be used to move larger vehicles, such as motorcycles and boats, we haven’t found much evidence of this.

Despite its impressive yard work power, we would be surprised if this cart could do that. Of course, there has to be some sort of exaggeration with an infomercial product.

We like this product a lot, and it seems hundreds of other customers as well.

However, you should keep in mind that this cart is solely for home yard work: this doesn’t include commercial-sized projects or intensive farm work.

As soon as you start using the Aerocart for your yard duties, however, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with your handy yard cart, almost as much as you fell in love with your beloved Snuggie.

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