Best Homemade Organic Pesticides

I think you don’t need to be introduced to pesticides. Billions spent using them, billions spent to fight against them, and a billion conversations spent talking about them. Today I will talk about pesticides good brother – organic pesticides.

What Does “Organic” Mean?

Most people think that organic pesticides are chemical-free and totally healthy. But it is not. It does say that pesticides are not manufactured synthetically and MUST be made from natural sources. And it’s forbidden by law to spray these pesticides with the same equipment you used to spray synthetic pesticides. Also in order to use organic pesticides, you need pesticide-free soil. It means the last three years must be pesticide-free.

Commercial Organic Pesticides Are Not That Healthy.

Approximately half of the synthetic pesticides are carcinogenic. I think everybody knows this fact. And when you people are talking about organic pesticides, they are not even researching because automatically they are assuming that they are healthy. But if you are checking studies, you will find that half of the organic pesticides are carcinogenic as well.

Imagine, you are using synthetic pesticides and then decide to go organic. You are buying new tools, cleaning soil and for years you are thinking that you are eating healthy food. But we are wrong. Organic does not mean healthier. Even worse, they are more expensive.

All this does not mean that you need to allow pests to destroy your garden, vegetables, or roses. Just don’t think it will be healthy if you are buying food with Organic on the label.

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Top 10 Best Homemade Organic Pesticides

1. Salt Spray

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This mix will work against spider mites. Just mix two tablespoons of Himalayan salt with a gallon of water and spray on infected plants.

2. Citrus Oil And Cayenne Pepper

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This mix will be perfect against ants. Mix at least 10 drops of essential oil with a teaspoon of cayenne pepper with 1 cup of warm water. Mix it well and spray on insects.

3. Neem

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In ancient India, this was the most powerful pesticide. And it still is the most powerful pesticide because it has more than 50 natural insecticides.

To make this spray – add 1/2 an ounce of organic neem oil and a half teaspoon of mild liquid soap (natural) to two quarts of warm water. Mix it slowly, add to a spray bottle and use it within 10 minutes.

4. Mineral Oil

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Mix 12-33ml of high-end oil with one gallon of water. This mix will dehydrate insects and their eggs.

5. Tobacco Spray

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I’m not a fan of this, but as everybody knows tobacco is very harmful to humans, and it also means to ants and pests. To make it: Mix one cup of organic tobacco into one gallon of water. Leave it for 1-2 days. If it has a light brown color, it’s good. If it’s dark, add more water. Use whenever you need it except on solanaceous family.

6. Eucalyptus Oil

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Perfect pesticide for flies, wasps, and bees. Just spray this oil where you have insects, and they will be gone. This is my favorite pesticide. And it smells good.

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7. Garlic And Onion Spray

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One organic clove of garlic and one medium size onion – mince them. Add a quart of water. After one hour add cayenne pepper and a tablespoon of liquid soap (organic). Use within a week and store in a refrigerator.

8. Tea of Chrysanthemum Flower

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You can find pyrethrum in these flowers. It breaks the nervous system of insects and kills them. TO make it: Boil 100 grams of dried flowers into a liter of water. Do it for twenty minutes. Spray it on infected areas. Store no more than 2 months. It is possible to add neem oil for more effectiveness.

9. Water, Soap And Orange Oil

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Natural pesticide. TO make it – mix 1 ounce of organic oil with three tablespoons of organic Castile soap and add to one gallon of water. Shake it gently. Perfect pesticide against slugs. Just spray directly on slugs or ants.

10. Garlic Spray

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There are many reasons why garlic has been used as a natural medicine for centuries. It has anti-fungal and many other properties. To make this pesticide: Peel and crush 5 bulb cloves and mix them with 17 ounces of water. Leave the mix for 6 hours.

Avoid using this mix shortly before harvesting, because it can affect the flavor. Spray only on plants where is harmful bugs. Don’t kill good bugs.

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