12 Impressive Airbnbs Owned By Interior Designers

With over four million properties listed and 300 million customers, Airbnb has come a long way since its formation in 2007. Statista estimates the company value at $31 billion, comfortably eclipsing its competitors in the holiday accommodation market. Since Airbnb has gained so much popularity in recent years, there’s no surprise people are now hiring architectures to make their property even nicer. Including facade engineering and MEP engineering can really make a difference.

One appeal of the online hospitality giants that traditional hotels couldn’t possibly recreate is the diversity of choice that Airbnb offers its customers. Because listings are created by verified owners that operate externally, it means that all types of homes are available, from small economical dwellings to luxury city penthouses. You’re even able to search for a treehouse, barn, castle, even igloo properties that are listed on the site.

You can also find some of the most inspiring, left-field places that have been blessed with some of the finest examples of interior design on the market.

Here we’ve decided to create a list of the 12 most impressive designs available to rent out today.

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The Light And Airy Inner-City Penthouse

How artist and designer Marta Nowicka managed to make her penthouse above winding claustrophobic streets of Clerkenwell, London look so airy and spacious is nothing short of sublime.

Using a 19th Century warehouse to work from, Nowicka, who’s previously worked for the likes of Karsten Schubert and Michael Landy set about creating a space like no other just a stone’s throw from London’s trendiest district of Shoreditch.

The highly transparent design was intended to accommodate charming views of the nearby St Luke’s Church, a building that lights up in different colours each night – allowing light pollution to “bleed into the room.”

The South of Soledad Retreat

While Taalman Koch Architecture may not have had John Steinbeck’s oblique ode to Californian solitude in mind when they came up with the idea for the ‘house’, it feels as though you’d be able to see George and Lennie wandering the wilderness at any given moment across the stunning vista it effortlessly showcases from all angles.

You’ll find zero access to TV here, and no WiFi either. The theme of ‘off-grid’ habitation is strong here in the midst of the Californian desert near Pioneertown, and while that’s a notion capable of driving the technologically dependent among us crazy, the glass walls throughout the house mean that there’s a beautiful view wherever you turn. Even the bedroom looks out onto the ranges.

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The concept has led to Taalman Koch Architecture winning the Western Home Award, and their simple decor really amplifies the feeling of isolation and spaciousness – the centrepiece of the house has to be the alluring fireplace that drops down from the ceiling without touching the floor.

Catalan Shabby Chic

Described as ‘art nuevo by its designer, the simply named ‘Architect’s Flat’ is situated inside the world-famous vestige of the early 20th Century Modernista movement, Casa Ramos in Barcelona.

The building itself features beautiful swirls of grandeur that goes hand in hand with Antoni Gaudi’s vision of Barcelona architecture at the time, and the interior has been designed to complement the theme.

Shabby chic tatty walls and pillars give a sense that you’re lost in time within this property. The old patterned ceilings are accented by small spotlights that make visitors feel dwarfed by the magnitude of the space.

Panama’s Piece of Paradise

You don’t often find a piece of paradise that’s perfectly complemented by a living space that simultaneously lets the scenery do the talking while echoing the beauty of the surroundings internally.

Casa Comunal does just this though. Situated on the island of Bocas del Toro, Panama, the property that’s dedicated to providing a communal space with customisable levels of privacy dictated by sliding walls.

Jordan Christopher was the mastermind behind the property. “It was important to me to unite travellers, the locals, and nature, and that was the triumvirate behind Casa Comunal,” he explained.

The rustic and open rooms allow visitors to feel one with nature, with large wooden furnishings, it feels like you’re an extremely privileged castaway.

The New York State Farm Hangout

Elizabeth Bolognino is a big name in interior design. Her work has graced the pages of Elle Decor, Dwell, and New York Cottages & Gardens, and now she has a masterpiece sitting in the farmland of Callicoon, New York.

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For a designer that’s accustomed to working on townhouses and apartments amidst the bustle of New York City, it’s impressive to see Bolognino revert to country chic, with an old-fashioned cabin ambience accentuated by the classic log fire.

Subtle mod cons still exist, like sophisticated central heating and there’s even room amidst the nostalgic tones for a hanging bedside table.

The Home In The Heart of LA

Clothing designer Beatrice Valenzuela teamed up with her partner, Randy Conder to come up with this homely bungalow near Los Angeles’ Echo Park.

Marrying neutral and bold colours is what makes much of the interior striking, with hard yellows piercing through the dominance of the squeaky clean white walls throughout.

Exotic plants and wooden furnishings invite visitors to feel at home in the cosy settings within the bustling LA.

Moody Views At Magney House

Pritzker Prize-winning architect, Glenn Murcutt, constructed Magney House in 1984 to great acclaim with the property even finding its way onto a postage stamp in Australia.

The location, nestled between the mountain ranges and ocean on the coast of New South Wales, Australia, gave Murcutt plenty to work with in terms of views – which he happily utilised through maximising natural light in an ergonomically shaped building designed to keep inhabitants cool in the toasty summers.

The passive design of the home maximises living space and intentionally provides little distraction from the wonderful scenery. The sophisticated butterfly-shaped structure of the building makes for some curiously ship-like corridors within the property, but this only adds to the unexpected beauty of the simplicity.

Galantina Simplicity

Located in southern Italy, this Palazzo is nothing short of an artisan dream. The interiors are individually brought to life by designers, and much of the furnishings and artwork on show is available to buy.

Some of the installations are off-the-wall – literally in the case of the attention-grabbing red swirl that takes centre stage in the dining room. Altogether the lively and colourful rooms make for an eccentric jewel in the south of Italy.

The Mexican Bungalow With a View

Designed by Cadaval & Solà-Morales, this bungalow situated in the Mexican wilderness is a minimalist success. The design, both inside and out is simple, maximising breathtaking views, equipped with a pool and hammocks that guarantees a relaxing stay.

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Constructed just outside of the roaring metropolis of Mexico City, the tranquil surroundings make it seem unfathomable that the most densely populated city is just a short drive away.

The interior echoes the minimalist feel of the bungalow, with the room allocated to creating clear space before the walls of glass that make you feel as if you’re asleep in the wilderness.

Stunning Feng Shui In Porto

This breathtakingly beautiful townhouse in the heart of Porto lets its interiors speak for themselves.

Equipped with a modest facade, it’s when you enter the property that you get a full taste of vintage Portuguese city life. Margarida Leitão and Luís Sobral, two renowned local architects, fully restored the building with the aim of preserving as many of its 200-year-old features as possible.

This means that the classic European shuttered windows and arched door frames thrive among the modernist furnishings. There’s even a delightful balcony that’s been installed on the top floor.

Stockholm’s Sublime Penthouse

The Swedes always have a knack of excelling in the interior design industry, and this Stockholm penthouse is astounding.

The four-room downtown property has made the stark two-tone effects of black and white create an outstanding impact throughout all rooms. The high ceiling beams are instantly noticeable while an impressive fireplace centrepiece steals the show.

There’s even a spacious balcony that continues the black and white theme throughout the summer months.

A Traditional Taste of Greece

The suitably picturesque Villa Kalos was redeveloped by two photographers, Gerda Genis and Robbert Koene. At the time of acquisition, the property was derelict – which makes its current form all the more impressive.

The stone exterior is expertly replicated inside and complemented with open plan bedrooms and kitchens.

Gerda and Robbert have done well in juxtaposing the ancient surroundings with a hybrid between ultra-modern and archaic interior – even more so when you consider that they’ve managed to shoehorn in an infinity pool amidst the stone and scenery.

This beautiful Greek villa is priced from £523 per night.

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