Gifting Flowers Can Be The Perfect Mood Enhancer

No one has ever forgotten the last time they received flowers. It is the most joyous moment of any occasion when we receive flowers.

Flowers are used for almost all occasions of emotional value like births and deaths, weddings and other moments of joy like anniversaries and house warming.

A celebratory occasion is never complete without beautiful flowers adorning the space. Similarly, solemn occasions like death or remembrance ceremonies like a Mass said at the Church, all these emotional occasions have flowers to set a mood.

The significance of flowers is probably eternal. As nomads settled into agricultural societies the settlers began to appreciate the beauty around them. Flowers are a natural progression of this social binding process. Seeing the bright colours and mesmerising blooms, the settlers might have started adorning themselves with flowers to enhance their beauty and started using the flowers for ceremonial occasions. As humans evolved these societies must have started appreciating the beauty and the value that flowers added to their daily lives.

Flowers are inherently beautiful, just putting a bunch of flowers in the room changes the atmosphere in any room. Floral colours add to the brightness of any room. It quickly uplifts one’s mood. The slight fragrance of flowers is another pleasant mood enhancer; it envelops you into a delightful world.

Sidewalks become a happy uplifting space when they are decorated with flowers. Imagine walking down a drab sidewalk?

A back street in Greece comes alive with colour because there is a brightly coloured canopy of bougainvillaea. How can one’s mood not be brightened similarly?

Gifting Flowers Can Be Considered The Perfect Mood Enhancer In Different Occasions

Floral Art

Today floral art has developed into a unique field. The imagination and scope here are unlimited and many artists use the natural appeal that flowers have on our mood as a base for the creation of their art.

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A 17th Century Church in Venice comes alive as a seat of artistic contemplation transporting our mind into dimensional wizardry as contemporary Swiss artists Gerda Steiner and Jorg Lenzlinger design botanical installations that envelop the viewer. They called it Falling Garden, a world in which visitors lie in repose on the mausoleum floor, while “the garden thinks for them.” Such is the power of flowers.

Gifting Flowers Can Be Considered The Perfect Mood Enhancer In Different Occasions

Using this flower power is the reason why flower gifting has turned into a multimillion-dollar industry across the world. The basis is really simple, receiving flowers uplifts the mood, of the sender, the receiver and a whole room full of people if the receiver is in an office.

I personally find a nice bowl of orchids the perfect gift. They have a light fragrance and are available in many colours, I love white especially when the emotions are delicate and need nurturing.

To me, it says, “feel peaceful as you recover” add a personal touch like a diamante collar to the vase and you have definitely changed the mood of your friend to brightness and happiness.

Gifting Flowers Can Be Considered The Perfect Mood Enhancer In Different Occasions

A hospital room with a patient recovering is a landmine of emotional distress, not to mention the physical distress that a patient also undergoes. Sending flowers to a recovering patient is the best antidote to his or her depressing hospital day.

Be careful of what flowers you send to a hospital, poppies and some daisies can cause allergic reactions, but most commercially grown flowers are hybrid and safe.

Bright colours will make a definite difference and help to enhance the mood. Purple orchids look great in a clear glass vase. They are long-lasting and have a very slight fragrance. Being tropical flowers, they have less of a problem of pollen and stamens which might otherwise cause allergies. Adding gold spirals is like pushing the patient to look forward to a glittering recovery. Flowers, do speak more than any words can convey.

Gifting Flowers Can Be Considered The Perfect Mood Enhancer In Different Occasions

When I have erred and have to apologise, absolutely nothing says “I’m Sorry” better than flowers, and if it’s a beloved you have hurt then red roses says it best.

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There are red roses bouquets, and there are red roses bouquets and they are all a delight to receive, but one that does more than just change the mood is a delightful coffee cup overflowing with red roses. Can convey “my love overflows like these roses “or can be a simple “thinking of you every day” It is the simple needs of everyday life that flowers can change into special moments.

Gifting flowers are like sending a live canvas of colours and art to someone.

Whatever be the occasion, brightly coloured flowers sent as a gift of abundance uplift the mood and change the atmosphere of any home or office or room.

There simply exists no better way on planet earth to enhance a mood to joyousness instantly on any occasion, whether be it sombre or happy.

Gifting flowers is like switching on a button to happiness.

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