GreenBest Stainless Steel Garden Hose Review 2022

GreenBest is not a new company and has been making gardening tools for a few years. This stainless steel hose is their newest product and I had the honor to review it.

Stainless steel hoses claim to be 10x more durable and easier to use hose than rubber hoses. Metal hoses are not new on the market, but their earlier models had some flaws, like bending, breaking, not being durable at all. Time went on and they made them even more durable and right now I can truly say that in 2022 stainless steel hoses are durable.

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The Best Thing About Stainless Steel Hoses:

  • Very durable
  • Kink-free
  • Bend free
  • Hot-cold weatherproof
  • Lightweight
  • Puncture safe
  • Sun safe

The only thing metal hose is not good at – high pressures. It’s hard to make large diameter hoses so they are making them quite small and even with 3/4 connectors, they are failing quite fast especially if you have high water pressure. So if this is your case – don’t open water fully open to being totally safe.

Overall, stainless steel hose is a really good improvement over standard hoses. Over time we will see even more improved metal hoses, so I’m quite excited.

Now Is Time To Review GreenBest Stainless Steel Garden Hose

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As The Company Claims:

  1. No deformation if you roll over it with a car which is not heavier than 4500 pounds. 
  2. Easily holds +140F and -100F temperatures.
  3. No animal can destroy it.
  4. Ultra Flexible.
  5. Easy to carry and store.
  6. Lightweight.
  7. Does not tangle and kink.
  8. Comes with extra washers and a string so you can hang this hose somewhere.

That was what the company says, so let’s read what I have to say and if it’s true what GreenBest says.

When I opened the package I thought that there will be a hose no more than 6 inches long. I was wrong, it was 32 feet long but it was super light and super compact. The first impression was quite good. It felt sturdy but also funny as hell because it looked almost the same as my shower hose. But of course, inside the GreenBest hose, there is rubber housing which is a lot more durable than the shower hose.

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Also be careful – it will make your hands dirty in the first use because of the stainless steel – so clean it before use to keep your hands and clothes clean. 

Unfortunately, I had snow and cold weather in my country house when I wanted to test it and my water was still frozen so I tried water flow in my apartment in my shower and I must say it did quite good, there were no leaks even after I tried to break and hard-bend it. I have really high water pressure in my apartment so I can say it will hold your garden water pressure very well.

Good Things About GreenBest Stainless Steel Garden Hose

It Really Is Kink And Bend-Free

At one point. If you will pull it really hard and it will be stuck in a sharp corner, you will bend it, but in a way, as we know – bend not – You will bend metal hose around it and it will push a gap inside a little bit but you can reverse it by a hammer just hitting from another side.

It Holds High Pressure

It really does even more than advertised (do not exceed advertised pressure). But needless to say that there is no point of high pressure when this hose does not have high water flow and that’s thanks to the small diameter inner hose. But for 99% of gardening jobs, this hose is more than enough.

It’s Lightweight

35 feet hose weights approximately 5 pounds which is amazing.  I like it even more than my flexible hose which I can put in my bag when I’m using a bicycle. Also, this is a good thing because if you are watering your garden, with this hose you can’t break flowers and be bushed if you pull over them.

It’s Tangle-Free

I know the hassle when your 100 feet hose have tangled somewhere and it bent and there is no water flow so you need to find the tangle and so now you spent 15 minutes to just get the water flow back. With this hose forget about it. Even if there is a tangle, your water will keep flowing.

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The Nozzle Which Is Included Is Awesome

With this hose there comes also a simple 360-degree hose nozzle. You can have a shower and even a jet stream. It’s so simple and part-free that it’s impossible to break it. It also had rubber handles and felt good in the hands. I will replace it with my hose nozzle anyway because I have a special nozzle for my flowers which needs rain-style water.

Using This Hose You Can Feel Free

Accidently rolled over with a car? Rolled over with a wheelbarrow full of soil? Your dog tried to chew it? Threw a stone on it? Your knife landed right on it? No worries, that’s nothing for this hose. The metal coating does its job really well. I also tried to stab it with a knife – no luck.

The Weatherproof Hose

Yes, it’s totally weatherproof. I left it with water in it when we had 20’F cold. The water froze inside but for this hose it was nothing. The next day water melted and I was able to use it again. Also in the summer when you leave inside the water it holds its temperature quite good, which means if you want to drink water from it (which is safe from this hose), then you will have colder water for a very long time as compared to rubber hoses.  This hose will also hold direct sunlight all year long and it does not matter how hot or cold it is.

Bad Things About GreenBest Stainless Steel Garden Hose

Sometimes the connection part will not hold water if your water pressure is too high. Don’t go over 3GPM. Just don’t.  Even if this hose is bent and tangles free, don’t push over its limits. Inside it’s still the same rubber hose which can break

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The connectors feel very bad. The material could be more durable and thicker and sometimes if there is a small piece of sand inside, it’s possible to leak water.

It’s not safe to use near electricity if you will flow water near a place where there is electricity, you can get a shock because of the metal hose. So be careful.

Lack of volume of water. This hose is not meant to be used with pressure washers and other high water flow systems. It more means to be used in a garden where you don’t need high volume.

Q&A About GreenBest Stainless Steel Garden Hose

Q. How much does GreenBest Stainless Steel Garden Hose weigh?
A. Approximately 3 lbs for 30 feet hose. 

Q. Can I leave it outside in the winter and hot summer?
A: GreenBest hose can withstand almost all kinds of weather, even really cold and hot.

Q: What kind of fitting does this hose have?
A: It has 3/4 standard fittings for easy connectivity.

Q: Is Metal Garden Hose durable enough for sporting sprinklers?
Answer: Yes.

Q: Is this hose similar to compact, pocket hoses?
A: No, it is a regular size hose and there is nothing similar.

Q: Where is this Garden Hose made?
A: It is made in China.

Q: Does it come with a sprinkler?
A: Yes

Q: How to store the hose in cold weather?
A: Ensure that water is completely drained out of it, roll it in a roll, and place it in a warm place. 

Q: Can this Garden Hose be used for drinking water?
A: Yes, but not recommended. 

Q: Can I drive over it with a car?
A: Yes, but not recommended. 

Q: Can I replace the nozzle with mine?
A: Yes, but check if you have the same fitting and be advised that it won’t increase water volume.


That’s all I have to say about this hose. It’s perfect for home use and not so good for high water volume jobs. It’s durable, lightweight and easy to use and definitely my favorite hose.

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