GreenWorks 24322 G-MAX Cordless Blower And Vacuum

When you think about autumn, automatically you associate it with leaves. A lot of leaves. Your compost bin is always full and all your yard corners are full of leaves. Of course, some autumn-friendly cities have a service which is taking leaves from you in plastic bags, but most of the towns do not have something that cool. In that case, your only choice is to take a rake, gather all leaves and dump them in the corner of your yard. I, for example, put all my leaves and mowed grass in a place like this:

Compost for leaves and grass
Compost for leaves and grass

But then again – you collect leaves once, twice, three times and leaves just keep coming. It becomes quite annoying, isn’t it? So that’s why I’m using my leaf blower/vacuum. Fast, easy and without any problems. This time I will write about GreenWorks 24322 Cordless leaf blower/vacuum because if you talk about price/performance, there is no better leaf blower. You can also read about leaf vacuums/blowers here.

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Here are some GreenWorks 24322 specifications:

  • DigiPro Brushless Motor
  • G-MAX 40V Li-Ion System
  • Variable speed offers up to 185 mph
  • Blower and Vacuum
  • Powerful enough to handle wet and dry leaves
  • Compatible ONLY with GreenWorks G-MAX 40V Battery models, 29472 and 29462 and G-MAX Charger model 29482


GreenWorks 24322 leaf blower works up to 60 minutes on a single charge, and 4AH charges only 2 hours from empty to full (that’s what the company is saying). The Greenworks 24322 battery in real life lasted about 25 minutes at full speed and 45 minutes when varying the speed. If you are using maximum power when vacuuming, a battery will only last 15 minutes, so maybe it’s better to buy another battery.

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Design and package

Of course, you cannot expect premium quality for a device under 150$. It has a lot of plastic and will not feel premium, but it does its job better than expected. It weighs approximately 11 LBS (5 kg). In the package, you will find 2 nozzles, a blower, a charger, one battery and a collecting bag.

!If you hear beeps and the blower is not working, then check nozzle/discharge interlock because it’s not effectively detecting the nozzle (or bag) attachment and that beep code means it’s trying to indicate “no nozzle/bag found”.

The blower has two switches. One controls on/off when other controls speed – hi/low plus there is a variable dial for speed.

How GreenWorks 24322 does its job?

The blowing feature is working flawlessly. It’s fast, powerful and yet, not too powerful. Being not too powerful is good because I did have one blower which was three times more powerful than this blower and I had to be very, very careful when blowing because it blew holes in my lawn and blew all sand away from my pavement gaps.

Unfortunately, the vacuum function is quite bad. You can forget about vacuuming wet leaves, and smaller leaves tend to get stuck near the sensor wire at the discharge nozzle. But for big, dry leaves it’s okay. It sucks good. I like to blow leaves in a corner and then vacuum them or just put them in a bag. It’s faster like that.


For this money, this blower has no competitors. It’s trustable, works great and will last at least a few seasons. If you need a cordless leaf blower to blow some small places or small yards, then this blower is for you!

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