Honda EU2000i Generator Inverter Review 2022

In this review, I will be covering every cons and pros of the Honda EU2000i Generator Inverter. I will try to write about all aspects you should know. When you should have, is it good, is it worth the money, etc.

Let’s start with the basics. Honda EU2000i Inverter Generator is very light and user-friendly. I would also call it very very quiet because of Honda’s new advanced noise reduction design. From the first look, it looks perfect choice for excursions, camping, or fishing as well as an extra power backup for your house.

Honda EU2000i comes with a separate oil reservoir where you can put 0.42 quarter of oil and there is also a fuel tank, 0.95 gallons. For example, with a full tank, you can light up 1000 watts of lights for 8 hours.

Honda EU2000i Generator Inverter Review

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Few Specifications:

  • 2000 watts, 120V
  • Ideal for TV/DVD, satellite, fridge, coffee pot, and more
  • Super quiet
  • Easy to carry
  • Fuel efficient – up to 8.1 hrs on 1 gal of gas
  • 3-year warranty
  • Can handle 13.3 amps
  • 20.2 inches long
  • 11.4 inches wide
  • 16.7 inches high
  • 98.5cc, GX100, 4-stroke air-cooled engines

Pros of The Honda EU2000i Inverter Generator

  • It is a very light and portable generator
  • Comes in a high-quality compact design
  • It has an easy starting mechanism and it starts almost instantly
  • It runs quietly – 59dB at a distance of 20 feet.
  • Fuel efficient – up to 8.1 hrs on 1 gal of gas
  • It’s lightweight, you can carry it with no problems
  • It provides high-quality electricity with no power losses or drops.
  • Reliable brand with international warranty from Honda
  • There is built in oil alert, so when oil will be low, the generator will turn off itself to prevent overheating.
  • A three-year warranty is more than enough.
  • Every corner repair center knows how to repair Honda’s generators.
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Cons of The Honda EU2000i Inverter Generator

  • The price is higher than other same specification generators
  • It has recoil system when others have push-button starters.
  • There is no way to shut off fuel access and burn leftover gas in the carburetor before storing it for the season safely.
  • Sometimes after it has sat for a few weeks it’s hard to start it.
  • In oil tank, there are 13 ounces of oil and if you are running it a lot you have to change oil almost every month and if you are running it daily, you have to change it every week. But this is a common thing for small generators.
  • There are no 12-volt charging cables included, you can buy them here.
  • There is no fuel indicator, so you need to use a flashlight to check how much fuel it is left.

What Comes My Mind When I’m Talking About Honda EU2000i Inverter Generator?

It runs for almost four hours if you are using all 2000 watts. But if you are just using it for camping lights or charging a phone, it easily runs all day.

Don’t use E85 fuel, it will damage engine over time!

What I thought was not a good thing was that there was no meter that tells me how many hours it has run, instead, there was a notification light that flashes once for every hundred running hours.

Honda EU2000i Performance

This generator can do more than you have ever thought. It has a rating of 1600 watts output and 2000 watts peak power which means it gives 1600 watts at all times and spikes up to 2000 watts which are needed for example if you start a refrigerator or teapot because they need more starting power.

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Because of 98.5CC GX100 Engine, this is one of the most powerful generators in its class. But that’s a good sign because it can handle really large loads without any problems compared to other generators. It also means that if you connect the teapot and refrigerator, it will not trip the fuse, because of its high peak power.

As I said above running on full load will give you 3.4 hours to enjoy electricity but if you use “Eco-throttle” then it will be 8 hours, but it will be only 25% of full power.

It perfectly starts with one pull and after switching to Eco-throttle you can’t almost hear it.

Thanks to inverter technology you can safely charge phones, laptops and other sensitive devices.


Honda generators are always easy to maintain. All filters and other maintenance spots are easy to access and you can change them without special tools. Plus extra parts cost almost nothing. You can read the owner’s manual here.

You can replace oil by removing the side panel where you will be able to access the oil reservoir. Once the panel is removed just remove the dipstick and pour in or out oil.

For new oil use 10w30 oil and pour it until the reservoir is full, and don’t worry you can’t overfill it.

Air filters are located on the same side where is the oil. If you want to clean filters, you

have to unscrew the cover. After that just pull out filters and wash them with warm water and a little bit of soup. After putting them back, rinse them in oil the same you used for an engine.

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After that clean inside the housing where you will put filters. Just blow it or clean it with a hand. Then put back filters and make sure the rubber gasket is properly seated.

Should You Buy It?

Yes, you should. It weighs almost nothing, the engine is almost unkillable if treated right and it does have a lot of power. It’s easy to start with just one pull and hey, it looks great! Plus you can use it even in your bedroom is quite as just human talking.

If a fuel tank capacity is 1.1 gallons (about 4.2 liters) is not enough for you just add an external fuel tank with no problems!


The reputation of Honda, user reviews, and trustable engine. This generator is 100% one of the best generators you can buy. It’s quiet, powerful and easy to carry. What else do you need in case of an emergency? This small backpack generator will help you get through dark hours, that’s for sure.


Honda EU2000i Generator Inverter Is one of the best generators you can find on the market. In this review, we have featured every pro and every con this Honda Generator has.

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