How To Dispose a Mattress

As per a study by Mattress Recycling Council, it is found that Americans roughly dispose of around 15-20 million mattresses every year. The size of an average mattress is about 40 cubic feet, which means that in one year the amount of mattress disposal by Americans takes up to 132,000 square miles of landfill space. 13200 sq. ft is a lot of space wasted on just mattresses. So, to prevent this wastage of space, the people in the United States are encouraged to get rid of their Old mattresses by other means. Here are some tips on donating, recycling, and reusing old or used mattresses.

Donating Mattress

The lifespan of an average mattress is about 7 – 8 years. If the mattress you want to replace still has some life in it, you should consider donating it to people in need instead of recycling it. There are a lot of charity organizations that would love to take your used mattress and most of them will even pick it up from your home for free or provide a convenient local drop-off location. Below are some of the nation-wide charities you might want to consider while donating your old mattress:

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is an international organization that serves families in need and maintains charity shops across the United States. You can schedule a pickup time with them and they will pick up the mattress from your home or you can also drop off the mattress at any location that accepts used goods. Make sure your mattress is free of any tears, burns, bed bugs and is in a good shape. A donation here is also tax-deductible; a single mattress can be valued at about $15 – $35 and a double mattress can be valued at about $12.50 – $75.

Furniture Bank Associate of America

This organization’s (FBA) mission is to provide ‘home furnishing’ at an extremely little or no cost at all to poor families. The FBA manages about 80 donation centres in North America. People are welcome to drop off the mattress at FBA or they can use their free – pickup service as well.

Goodwill Industries

Goodwill Industries accepts mattresses that are still in good shape. They operate on more than 3200 thrift stores and donation centres across the United States. You can take your old mattress and donate it at any of their drop-off locations.

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Habitat For Humanity

The Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) is a non-profit organisation that provides home furnishes and living conditions to people in need. The HFHI accepts gently used mattresses and lots of other household goods. You can contact them and drop off your mattress at a convenient location, they also provide free pick-up services.

Selling Mattress

Suppose you’re in a situation where you bought a new mattress and your previous one is still brand new and unused, then you can recover some of the money that you’ve invested by selling it online.

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Craigslist is an online advertising site that is spread all over the world. You can go to the website and post a free ad in the local area you are offering the mattress on and if someone is interested in buying your mattress then they can contact you through the ad on the website.


eBay has been with us for a long time and is present all around the globe. You can just sell your used goods on eBay including your mattress.


Facebook is a great social media platform to look for buyers within your own personal network. You can just upload a status about selling your mattress with a photo and if any of your friends or family is interested they can contact you.

Recycling Mattress

Your used mattress (by weight) can be easily recycled or repurposed to create new products. Firstly, you have to find a local recycling centre that accepts used mattresses, you can just search them on the internet using your zip-code to find one nearest to you.

You can expect to be charged $20 – $40 for each mattress if you want them to be picked up from your home or $10 – $20 if you drive it to the recycling centre yourself. The charge usually varies by different recycling centres. Most centres will not accept wet, stained ones or mattress that is infested with bed bugs. However, they usually accept torn or broken mattresses.

You can also use any of these two well-known services:


Earth911 provides a search engine that accepts your zip–code and shows all the mattresses recycling centres close to you.

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Bye-Bye mattresses

This organisation was also created to stop the devastating effects of mattresses polluting landfills and is one of the best mattress recycling centres in the United States.

Hiring a Pick-Up service

If you can not get your mattress to a donation drop-off location then you can get a pick-up service. They will pick your mattress up from your home and drop them at the drop-off location in exchange of money.

Check with your mattress retailer first, sometimes they offer an assistant program of picking up your mattress from home. You can also hire a local company to remove your mattress for you, like junk king, mattress mill, college hunks hauling junk, a bedder world.

Break It Down And Reuse It

There are a lot of ways by which you can break down your old mattress and Reuse it. Let us have a look at some of the different methods.

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  • An Average Mattress contains about 25 pounds of steel, the vast majority of which is found in the springs. This steel can be melted down to make an extensive variety of parts and items. Just simply remove the springs and other steel parts from the mattress, then pack them together and sell for scrap. You can then search for local scrapyards and metal recyclers in your area on the internet. You can get about $10 for 100 pounds of scrap metal, the rates may vary.
  • There is polyurethane foam inside the mattress. You can shred that foam and take it out. You can use the polyurethane foam around the house for carpeting, fixing car seat cushions, pillows, a bedding for your pets.
  • Your used mattress contains natural fibres like cotton, wool and silk, and it also contains non-natural fibres like polyester and rayon. These fibres inside the mattress can be recycled, like foam can be reused again to make padding or insulation.
  • The wooden part of the used mattress is useful as well. It can be used as firewood, and it can also be chopped and used in gardening or lawn mulch.
  • The Nails, screws and other parts of your used mattress can also be removed and used for other household works.
  • Buttons, braiding and other decorative features can be reused for D.I.Y(Do it Yourself) sewing projects and other household designs.
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Breaking It Down And Using It In Creative Ways

Now, let us look at some of the creative ways in which users can reuse your used mattresses.

  • You can use the mattress springs for a wide range of art and crafts such as a decorative. holder for candles and plants, wall scones, designing photo frames and backyard trellises.
  • You can also use the metal springs in Christmas for decorating your house by making tree ornaments and metal wreath displays.
  • You can use the polyurethane foam of your old mattress and make a new comfy bed for your pet dog or cat.
  • You can also you the foam to work on other household item like a bean bag, chair cushion, dishwashing sponge, pillows and stuffed animal filler.
  • You can also use your old mattress components to make improvements to your backyard compost pile. The cotton stuffing can also be used as a fibre to protect your garden from weed.
  • You can use the fabric of the old mattress for making throwaway rugs for your foyer, garage shed or the utility room.
  • You can go to Pinterest, it offers a lot of inspired and creative ways to turn your old mattress into a work of art.
  • You can use the springs to make a steel wine rack.
  • You can also use the old mattress as a canvas for a painting or other project.


Mattress disposal is becoming a fancier and easier way day by day, the whole idea of recycling an old mattress instead of throwing it in a landfill is extremely growing and is a great benefit for the environment. We hope our methods have helped you to get rid of your old mattress easily.

Next time you buy a new mattress, keep in mind that you can recycle or donate and get rid of your old one. This way you can sleep a little easier and peacefully in your new mattress knowing that you have reduced pollution by recycling your mattress instead of disposing of it off to some random landfill or that your old mattress has helped some poor family sleep nicely.

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