How To Get Squirrels Out Of Your Home Without Harming Them

Wild animals used to live in areas outside the city. Unfortunately, these animals are slowly making their way into the cities. In fact, 57 percent of residents living in the biggest metropolitan areas in America admitted having wild animal problems, which also include squirrels.

Naturally, these residents will do something to manage the situation to avoid squirrels from messing with their property. Sadly, the majority of the residents are not successful, thereby forcing them to resort to inhumane solutions. If you are one of those who is having squirrel problems, here are squirrel removal tips you can do without killing them.

Know Where The Squirrels Are Hiding

Before you drive squirrels away, you need to do one thing first: find out where they are hiding. This will make it easier for you to devise a strategy on how to remove squirrels in your home if you know where to find them.

Squirrels are more likely to hide in attics, loft spaces, or garages since these places are dark, cramped, and warm; hence a perfect location for them to nest. If you live near the woods or you have a backyard that houses fruits and nuts, then you will also see squirrels hanging around and eating your plants.

The bottom line is to identify first where the squirrels are and then decide on what to do with them. This will make it easier for you to remove them from your property as well.

Hide The Things That Attract Them To Come

Fruits, nuts, acorn, and other delicious treats – these are the things that attract squirrels and make them come back to your home. This is because they see food in your backyard as their means to survive; hence keeping them drawn to your home and invite them to stick around.

This could be time-consuming for you, but harvest fruit, acorn, and nuts as much as you can to make squirrels go away. Fruits or nuts falling off the tree must be cleaned as soon as possible so you won’t attract squirrels. If there is no food around, then why do you think they would come to your home?

Consequently, consider the feeding behavior of squirrels. You can either feed them by offering an alternative and placing this food alternative away from your plants or not feed them at all. This way, you minimize the temptation since you no longer invite squirrels into your home.

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Sprinkle Something Spicy Or Minty On Your House

Did you know that squirrels are not big fans of spicy food? Use it to your advantage by sprinkling anything spicy on your property like cayenne or black pepper. You can also plant pepper around your backyard, which serves a dual purpose since it not only drives squirrels away but also provides you with fresh veggies in case you need one. Once squirrels take a whiff, they’ll end up running around because they don’t like the spicy scent.

Aside from spicy food, squirrels do not like anything mint as well. Start planting mint leaves around your house, which helps a lot in driving squirrels away.

Here comes the best part: this pepper or mint fix is inexpensive. You may not be spending thousands of dollars but this solution is effective in removing squirrels away from your property.

Set Up A Cage Trap To Catch The Squirrels

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Setting up a cage trap remains one of the effective ways people use to control wild animals from ruining their homes. You can place the cage trap in areas where squirrels frequent such as attics, roofs, or near your plants, which is also their favorite to eat. Make sure to put bait or repeater traps as you lure these animals into the trap.

Once inside the cage, don’t kill. Relocate the squirrels in someplace far from your home so they will have a hard time tracing their way back. Taking the squirrels down to the river can also be effective in getting them out of your home.

Consider Getting A Dog To Guard Your Home

There is a reason why the dog is considered as man’s best friend. It is loyal and will keep you protected against unwanted entities inside your home, including squirrels. If you are having squirrels roaming outside your house, then you should consider getting a dog to protect your home. Dogs will chase squirrels away from your property, thereby forcing the latter to look for other homes they could pester. You can increase the range of your dog collar if he has one so he can run after the squirrel further. 

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Purchase A Motion Activated Sprinkler For Your House

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If you are serious about keeping squirrels away from your house, then you might want to install a motion-activated sprinkler in your backyard. As soon as they step in, the sprinkler could startle the squirrel and make them scared. Squirrels will stop coming back if sprinklers keep on scaring them.

Since you have a sprinkler, you might also want to consider putting up a tall fence outside your home, or at least in areas where they like to hang around. This will drive them away without killing them.

Prune The Trees In or Near Your Home

Pruning trees, both in your home and those near you, will also take time, but this is effective in removing squirrels in your area. This is because it will prevent squirrels from jumping into your house because they don’t have enough leverage to get what they want from you, which is food. Eventually, they will stay away from your property and move on to the next.

Net The Plants

One of the effective ways to drive squirrels away is by harvesting the plants they like to eat. Apparently, this may not be advisable for all plants, especially when you are growing berries.

Raking berries can be messy, especially if you plan to do this every day. At the same time, it could affect the other products, which are not yet ready for harvest. What you can do is to place nets over the plants so it will continue to grow while minimizing the possibility of squirrels taking them.

Build a Greenhouse

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If you want to maintain the overall look of your property while making sure that your plants are protected no matter what happens, then building a greenhouse can be your best solution.

Having a greenhouse allows plants to grow for extended periods. At the same time, you are sure that squirrels will stop eating all of your plants because the plants are protected.

There are many ways you can build a greenhouse. You can upcycle old materials at home like old windows, CD cases, old trampolines, or plastic bottles for cheaper alternatives. You can also make your own greenhouse using recycled materials or commission someone to make a greenhouse for your plants, but with a cost. Whatever it is, building a greenhouse protects your plants from squirrels without harming them.

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Buy a Squirrel Repellent

Pepper and mint could drive squirrels away from your yard. Apparently, squirrels can be smart to find a way to get into your yard without taking a whiff. If you happen to have one in your backyard, then you can try this: urine-based repellent.

Squirrels have tons of natural enemies like owls, hawks, foxes, wildcats, coyotes, and snakes among others. Use them to your advantage by using their urine to get rid of squirrels on your property.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to actually collect the pee of squirrels’ predators. You can buy urine-based repellent made from the urine of squirrel predators and spray them around your property. This will surely keep squirrels away from your property.

Protect Your Bird Feeders

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In case you have bird feeders in the house, it’s not surprising that squirrels are everywhere in the yard. Squirrels see bird feeders as their means to survive or an open food source, which also means another reason to stick around.

To get rid of squirrels, make sure you place bird feeders on a pole instead of near a tree. Squirrels can be acrobatic just to get food and placing the bird feeder in a pole will make it difficult for them to eat.

You could also buy a squirrel guard that will go around the pole of the feeder. Don’t forget to fill it with safflower seeds since squirrels don’t like the bitter taste.

More importantly, avoid future squirrel infestation. Once you identified what they want from you and did something about it, you need to sustain it by ensuring that they won’t come back.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Seal areas where squirrels could possibly get in.
  • Protect your plants using nets or building taller fences.
  • Keep your house clean, especially the attic and other possible nesting grounds, at all times.
  • Install an exclusion funnel, which allows squirrels to go out from your yard but prevent them from coming in.

By doing these prevention techniques, you are sure that you not only removed them from your home but also they won’t come back to bother you and your home.

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