Ikris Hose Nozzle And Hose Reel

Hey everyone, This is Jon from the ikris design team!  We’re happy to be here to share this guest post, in which we hope to introduce our brand and new products.  Gardening is soothing activity, but it’s no easy task!  Yet, there’s nothing more fulfilling than tending to a full garden.  There are a plethora of gardening tools available on the market, but not all are ‘user-friendly’.  We created ikris products as solutions to these two issues. Our products don’t only simplify rote chores, but look good and are easy to use.

Take, For Instance, Our New And Improved 10-Pattern Hose Nozzle:

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There are two common complaints about any garden/hose nozzle. First: the rivet attaching the handle to the body is weak and non-replaceable.  If the nozzle drops there’s a good chance the handle breaks and separates the nozzle, causing it to be useless.  Second: the innerspring provides the ‘squeeze-action rusts, causing a stuck handle.  This means the nozzle doesn’t stop spraying even after you release the handle!  Our 10-pattern nozzle (a pattern for any use!) uses a ThumbControl to operate. Not only does this eliminate the prior issues, but it simplifies adjusting the water flow and ongoing spraying into one action!  Just slide the lever once, and water your garden in a sweeping motion. Water for 10 minutes or more, without any strain or soreness from squeezing the handle!

Up Next Are Our New, Retractable Hose Reels

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[amazon fields=”B00GHYA7LA” value=”button” link_overwrite=”https://www.amazon.com/s?k=ikris+Retractable+Garden+Water+Hose+Reel&tag=gardenpros-20″ button_text=”Check Latest Price”]

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These self-contained reels house a self-retracting hose reel.  After mounting on a wall or wooden post, simply pull to extend the hose, and pull slightly again to retract.  It’s as simple as operating a seatbelt! The reel swivels 180 degrees, turning in any direction you need.  The main unit is also easily removable for winter storage.  The reels are available in 25′, 50′, 75′ and 120′ lengths.

We only offer products that are durable, useful, and stylish.  Every day, we carefully work with the production floor to ensure all quality controls are met.  We also understand how valuable each dollar is, so all our products are competitively priced to bring you the most value for your buck!  If you have any questions or comments, head over to www.ikris.net and ask away – also, remember to sign up for our flash and clearance deals.

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