Landscape Edging Ideas: 8 Breathtaking Ideas

A gorgeous garden and property take time and effort – and a whole lot of maintenance. However, there are a few ways to make this load seem more bearable.

One of these ways is to include lawn edging into your yard mix. This edging practice is a barrier that is inserted between the garden bed and the grass. There are lots of different edging materials you can choose from including concrete, brick, stone, plastic tubing, tiles and fencing.

Edging offers a clean, crisp look by accentuating the line around each garden bed. It also protects the garden from flying lawn grass and keeps your mulch and soil in place, without accidentally tumbling over onto your grass.

If your landscape edging is flat and low enough, it can even take on lawnmower blades. This eliminates the need of using a trimmer, and therefore a whole bunch of time switching between machines and carefully making your way around the garden.

However, we’ve only just scraped the surface of all the benefits these edging systems can provide.

Landscape Edging System Benefits

These edges also protect your plants and flowers from any lawn mower slips, while still allowing your flowers or leaves to dangle over the side, risk-free.

Edging can protect your garden from human intruders as well.

…Not like a guard dog, of course. But it does create a type of barrier that lets people know they’re not supposed to walk any further. Animals, on the other hand, probably won’t be able to take the hint, unfortunately. 

The goal of an edging system is to boost the overall aesthetics of your lawn and make it a lot easier to maintain, making this landscape choice functional and attractive. 

It’s like giving your lawn a permanent manicure, creating smooth, designed lines for your mowing to follow, that’s pleasant to look at and will keep everything where it should be.

If you have the budget, spending a bit more money and time to get the perfect edging system in place will be well worth it. 

In this article, we’ll outline 8 gorgeous landscape edging ideas that you can do by yourself or hire a professional to do. 

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Either way, you’ll love the outcome and will be thanking yourself for it every weekend you spend more time relaxing and less time maintaining.

Types of Landscape Edging Ideas

There are lots of different landscape edging ideas. 

Honestly, even though it’s a simple idea and structure, you can get pretty creative with it. 

In this list, we’ll explain the 8 most beautiful edging materials along with a beautiful edging example of the material in use to help spark some inspiration for your own yard.

Stone Wall Edging

Stonewall edging ideas are classic yet somehow, always look more modern than other choices. This is probably our favorite type of stone wall edging as it’s effortlessly stunning.

It’s also a durable choice as people have been making walls out of stones for centuries, some of which are still standing after hundreds of years. 

You can choose from real stone or you could get plastic stone instead. 

We obviously prefer the real deal for aesthetic reasons, however, there’s another more important reason for this. 

Plastic parts that stay in the soil for a prolonged amount of time begin leeching toxins into the soil which can affect your plants and your health if you’re consuming these plants.

Natural is best, and it will definitely be worth it once you see the finished product. The only downfall with this choice if you choose to go to aux nature is that the stones will take a long time to build if you’re going for the wall effect. 

If you do want to risk the plastic look, however, it’s cheap and easy to install. Check out this example here.

Plastic Landscape Edging

Another easy installation choice, plastic landscape edging is great for anyone who may be on a tight budget and isn’t planning on keeping the edging system up for long. 

This material choice is quite flexible, however, which makes it easy and enjoyable to install. It’s also tough against damage from string trimmers and can edge almost any part of your property: from your lawn to your patio. 

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Another downfall is that the color may fade over time.

Garden Fence Edging

Garden Fence Edging

This is a cute and classy look for your gardens. 

The classic white picket fence look is back and with the right materials, you’ll be able to set up an edging system that is long-lasting, tough against mowers and looks adorable. 

It’s a great way to encapsulate long, straight runs or sweeping curves. 

It may be a bit difficult to install, but with the right instructions, it doesn’t have to be too difficult.

Iron Fence Edging

This type of edging idea is practical and pretty. 

It can be used on straight lines or curves and can be stunning with certain flowers and matching lawn furniture or accessories.

What we love about this landscape edging idea is that it’s extremely durable as it will stay in the ground for longer and easier, while protecting any and all garden plants from the devilish weedwhacker. 

The only downside with this version is that iron will eventually rust. 

The lifespan of the edging system depends on where you live, how often it rains and whether or not you buy a sealed iron fence edging material.

A Pebble Border

This is a fun one, especially if you involve your kids. 

Natural stones or river rocks can work as a fantastic way to create a stunning and unique border for your patio, garden or yard. 

You can go out and find your own pebbles if you live close to nature, or you can also buy a range of different pebbles or rocks at your local hardware superstore. 

If you buy your pebbles, they’ll likely come attached to a mesh bag to keep them locked in place, which makes the border installation a lot easier, rather than installing a wall one pebble at a time. 

These pebbles can come loose and may be hazardous when mowing the lawn, so this should be kept in mind. 

You’ll also likely need a lot of pebbles, depending on the size of your yard or garden edge.

Cut Wood Edging

This is a DIY option that is fun and looks impressive, too. 

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If you’re looking for a cheap and natural landscape edging idea, besides fishing for pebbles and river stones, this is probably as cheap as it gets. 

All you need to do is take lengths of a board of wood of your choice and cut them into pairable sizes. 

You can use half-round boards, flat boards, or whole round boards that look like mini logs to frame your garden and lawn with. Make sure you dig them into the ground well for a long-lasting edging system. 

An even better idea is to take scrap wood to use as your pieces. This is even cheaper, is environmentally sustainable and can give your yard a really unique and stunning appearance. 

You can turn this wood into anything you like. Paint it, carve it, whatever you come up with, think of the wood as a blank canvas!

The only downside with this material is wood tends to attract pests so you’ll need a pest removing system as well.

Steel Edging

This is a stunning look for modern families. 

By using steel sheeting, you’ll be able to create an attractive weathered look that looks strong and modern when contrasting with your colorful garden. 

Steel sheets are also extremely easy to bend which makes installation easy and a lot of fun. 

While steel does rust with age, it’s actually a certain aesthetic that a lot of people admire. 

However, this choice may not be the best for families with children. 

Sheet steel can also be difficult to find.

​Landscape Edging Ideas: What’s Your Favorite?

No matter what material you choose, there are a lot of ways to get creative with your new landscape edging system. 

For a long-lasting edging setup, all you need to do is figure out which material fits your needs, your home and your specific situation the best. While rusted steel may not be good for children, and wood may not be beneficial for vegetable gardens, there are still so many options that are stunning, personalized, and of course, functional.

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