How To Pressure Wash a Deck Before Staining

Tired of those stains and dirt on your deck? Have some painful time washing your deck? Then you should read this guide and master how to pressure wash a deck before staining.

It saves water because they only use 1/5 of the water that a hose would use to do the same task. So here in this guide on how to pressure wash a deck before staining it, we have described it all. After reading this guide, you will be able to pressure wash a deck correctly and efficiently.

Why Should You Care To Read This Guide?

Because it is tough to clean delicate surfaces without damaging them. The pressure washer devices work fast and they are handy for this exact reason. You can use the pressure washer device for everyday cleaning of roofs and walls as well. That is why here in this guide you will see some pretty useful ways and tricks to make sure these pressure-washing pumps are functional and going well. Here you will have various information regarding pressure washers and how to use them more efficiently in general.

But be aware that some of these can be very expensive. So, it is best to research it thoroughly. We are here to help you with nifty details using the process of a pressure washer. Therefore, you can take the best possible decision to the best pressure washer.

Exactly How Does a High-Pressure Washer Work?

The pressure washers work in a straightforward but efficient way. The water emerges from pressurizing at high speed through the hose at the end. A nozzle will be connected with it. It produces a great burst of force to loosen the dirt and dust. Most models also allow the additional usage of detergent and other cleaning products that increases the cleaning power of the jet. The central piece of every pressure washer is the motor that powers the pump. So, the pressure of the water is much higher when released than when it entered the pressure washer.

Applications of a Pressure Washer on Day To Day Life

The field of use of this device is vast. It is primarily determined by the power and range of the tool. The most common applications, we can mention those related to cleaning at home:

  • House facade cleaning
  • Cleaning fence and bars
  • Cleaning trails or concrete roads
  • Cleaning of all types of vehicles
  • Cleaning the garden
  • Blind cleaning
  • Cleaning clogged pipes
  • Cleaning of garbage containers and containers
  • Cleaning Boat
  • In the transport area

Real Benefits of Pressure Washer

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The cleaning of surfaces is an everyday task at homes, buildings and, ultimately, cities. However, we rarely give it the importance it deserves. Let us ask ourselves what the best techniques for eliminating those distressed graffiti? That dirt our facades, or how to clean the sidewalks of our city that are covered with dirt, etc. then you will know.

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The Main Advantages Are Following:

  • The percentage of detergent used is much lower
  • It allows us to achieve good results in less time
  • Washing with pressurized water reduces the use of chemical, and that’s a great thing for the environment.
  • The application of pressure wash is entirely safe.
  • It guarantees an excellent result and makes the surfaces practically new as it first came to your purpose.

How To Pressure Wash a Deck Before Staining

Step 1

It is crucial to clean your deck before applying a new finish.  Preparing your deck can be a massive job if you do not have the right tools. Many people use pressure washers with specialized cleaning products and pre-treatment to eliminate dirt and loose particles of wood. There is currently a great deal of debate happening about the use of pressure washing as equipment to clean the wood. If you decide to operate the device, remember that you must always use it with the lowest pressure. That will not disappear without sanding. You should read carefully about the use of your equipment and the appropriate cleaners and soaps.

Step 2

At the beginning of cleaning, special concentration should be paid to embedded dirt, fungi and stains that have grown over time. Black or green spots of mold, algae, and moss can be removed with a high-quality cleaning attempt. Some cleaners need that the surface is damp before applying them, while others need it to be dry. Use a paint roller with an additional handle or garden sprayer to apply the cleaner to the whole deck.

Do not leave puddles of cleaner in a single area because you will find spreading on the deck later again. It can discolor or stain the wood. Allow the cleaner for penetrating the wood. Let the water soak. Usually, it is no more than ten minutes, after soaking, rinse the floor thoroughly with a hose. Rub stubborn stains with a sweep or broom, do not use wire brushes but soft brushes. A rigid wire can scratch the wood, and the fibers can break off and cause rust stains.

Step 3

How To Use on Other Wooden Platforms.

To clean and wash the deck or tables and totally renew them, start by holding the sprayer rod at a 45-degree angle. Keep it 1 to 2 feet away. Maintain the water flow constantly. Also, make sure to use a higher-pressure gas washer (2,000 psi or higher) and a concentrated spray nozzle (15 degrees).

Final Step

With the wooden floors in your home, your deck is vulnerable to scratches. Dog nails and high-heeled shoes can scratch the wood if you are careful. Try to Lift furniture rather than drag it over the surface of your deck. It is essential to think about your deck as if it were an extension of the floor in your home.

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After your deck is clean, you should let it dry completely. It must remain at least three days to dry after the application of the finish. Applying the sealant in cold weather, before the rain, or on damp wood could leave the wood sticky for some days. The life and good looks of your deck that is depending on the care you give it. Remember to clean always your deck before applying a fresh finish.

Tips To Use a Pressure Washer Properly

It is safe and effective to use a pressure washer. This method needs less time than hand washing. Set a pressure washer device to between 725 and 1,450 psi, using the highest value only for very dirty roofs. Full fill the device tank with water. If the washing machine has a heater, fix the temperature to 122 and 176 degrees. Otherwise, they fill with water within this temperature range.

Add a cheap cleaning solution is foaming at the washing machine and adjust the dosage unit to distribute a concentration of 1 to 3 percent.  Be sure to spray all exterior thoroughly with the device until the dirt has been removed. Drain the unused solution from the device and replace it with clean water.

Spray Nozzles For Different Tasks

Pressure washers have a pressure delivery system that is less than 2,400 psi. Usually, it approaches cleaning with an adaptable spray nozzle.  Also, it has different fan settings from zero to 60 degrees. Some brands present rotating or “turbo” nozzles to clean better than standard adjustable nozzles. It causes them to turn on the water stream. Insert the individual nozzles into the spray rod by retracting the quick coupling collar. Push the tip to the stop and release the collar. Pull the tip to confirm that it is locked.

Wash the coating to prepare it for painting. Start with the wand tip 4 feet from the house. Move it gradually nearer until you get the preferred cleaning result. Then you need to press the spray wand with both hands. Direct the water stream at a 45-degree angle to the liner. Move the water stream constantly.

Preparation And Tips For Cleaning

  • Use the following checklist for essential cleaning projects outside your home.
  • To prevent the appearance of streaks, you must wet the whole surface before you start the pump.
  • You should keep the spray nozzle 4 or 5 feet away from the face.
  • Use a broad spray pattern and approach the surface until you begin to see results.
  • You can store your pressure washer device for a long time during the winter season by applying the protector.
  • To avoid scratching during cleaning, any spaces begin to wash on the base of the surface and work in an up direction.

How To Choose The Best Pressure Washer

Before buying a power washer, you should think first, about how often you will use it and the types of projects you want to complete. This will help to determine the size and strength of the washer energy. Also, consider the following options and features. The pressure washers help you to facilitate cleaning projects. However, the wrong pressure washer cannot generate enough pressure to clean. It will only waste your time and patience. Follow our instructions to buy the best Pressure Washer.

  • Check the water pressure specifications and look for a minimum of 750 to 1,500 pounds per square inch. The PSI indicates the amount of water pressure generated by a pressure washer. Any amount below 750 psi requires additional time for similar cleaning. Select an 1,800 psi at 2,500-psi washer for heavy-duty residential work such as removing a cover or cleaning a fence. Select a pressure washer from 2,600 psi to 4000 psi for commercial jobs such as removing paint or cleaning vehicles.
  • Open the box and examine the actual width of the nozzle and nozzle attachments, preferably looking for a nozzle width of 1/2 inch to 1 inch. The nozzles spray in an outward fanning pattern, widening the cleaning area. However, nozzles that are smaller than 1/2 inch will not provide a sufficiently large cleaning area.
  • Check the weight and solidness. A perfect pressure washer should feel comfortable. You must find the handle comfortable and easy to grip and hold.
  • Avoid plastic threads because it cannot tighten with enough force to maintain the pressure of the water that is making its way.
  • If the pressure washer comes with a long-term guarantee, this can be very positive.
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Additional Safety Tips

Before using this device, we highly recommend you see the user manual. Safety is essential when a machine used a pressure washer. That combines pressurized water, detergents, or other chemicals, and electricity or gasoline. Do not use the pressure washer with flammable liquids. Do not direct the water jet against people, animals, components, or electrical installations. Do not allow people who don’t know proper instruction or prior experience to operate it.


Pressure washers get hot during operation, so be careful when you are driving them. Once your task is finished, you must allow the equipment to dry completely. Unplug any accessories you have used, clean and dry them. Once all the parts and the tool are completely dry. You should proceed to store them in an orderly manner.

A pressure washer device can help you a lot in cleaning specific inaccessible areas of the house, or those that are so dirty that you do not know how to clean them. We suggest you use a pressure washer to remove all traces of dust because it’s so easy with them. We also hope that you were somehow benefited from all the information we shared and enjoyed the efficiency of cleaning fast.

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