6 Gorgeous Raised Bed Garden Ideas

We know you want easy-to-make and creatively raised bed garden ideas.

Raised bed gardens are beautiful and functional, and building one should not be intimidating.

With these six raised bed garden ideas, we want to make sure everyone finds a project they enjoy doing.

Building a raised bed garden should not be complicated, and you can make one with many different materials.

Even better, you can decorate your house in a very unique way, distribute the space in your garden, have better access to your plants and even move them around!

If all this sounds amazing, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of having a raised bed garden in your home.

Benefits of a Raised Bed Garden

Gardening is very fun but it also takes a lot of work. And raised bed gardens can make it easier and more interesting in ways you probably haven’t thought of so far.

Soil Control

The first advantage of having a raised bed garden is having more control of the soil. You can drain it better and manipulate it as you need. 

With a regular lawn, it is more difficult to treat the soil without doing big gardening works. And the soil is key for good plant growth, so being able to manipulate it better will definitely help you grow stronger and healthier plants.

Your Own Comfort

But raised bed gardens can also make your life more comfortable. 

If you have to constantly bend over to tend to your plants at floor level, you may be already having some back pains. Some days, you may want to work on your lawn but can’t because it’s raining or cold. 

If you have a movable raised bed garden, this would never be a problem. And if it’s high enough, you could even do your gardening while sitting! It doesn’t get more comfortable than that.

Optimum Soil Temp

Another great thing about raised bed gardens is that the soil keeps its temperature longer because they are usually higher than the freezing point. So it will warm up faster after the cold seasons, letting you start working of the garden earlier than usual.

In short, great things come to those who have raised bed gardening. But you knew this already, so let’s talk about creative ideas for building your own.

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How To Build a Raised Bed Garden

There are traditional wooden sets you can buy if you’re looking for a simple, straightforward raised beds. They usually come with instructions and different levels of difficulty, so it will depend on how experienced you are with carpentry.

But don’t worry, usually, all of them are really easy to build and you could even do it as a weekend project or a family activity. Here are some standard sets rated by difficulty level, form and function. 

You can also design your own raised bed garden if you are confident with building materials. The most common one used is wood. 

But we are going to give you some great raised bed garden ideas. They don’t require building anything at all and are just as functional for your garden and your home (and good-looking, too).

Whether you are into building your own garden or prefer to use something that is already made, these creative raised bed garden ideas will inspire you to make the most of your space at home and your materials.

6 Raised Bed Garden Ideas

Raised bed gardens don’t necessarily have to be a wooden square box. 

Especially if you don’t have much space, making a raised bed garden with creative materials or shapes can completely change the appearance of your home and be used as an interesting decoration.

These ideas are for beginner gardeners and expert builders. Because if you love gardening, why limit it to your lawn? You can bring the garden home and make it an essential part of it.

These are the best-raised bed garden ideas for gardening fans:

1. Designing a Space

If you have an empty room, a wide space in your lawn without anything on it, a driveway, or a patio that is all concrete, then a raised bed garden is the perfect solution. You can build them to go along a driveway or a wall and fill up space while at the same time getting your herbs and veggies from your own harvest. 

2. Metal Raised Bed

Using metal to build your raised bed garden is a great idea because it will give it a different appearance. It will also help retain the heat in the soil and help your plants stay healthy during colder seasons. 

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You can consider metallic containers that are squared or round-shaped, and either moves them around your space or fix them to a specific place.

3. Using Milk Crates

This raised bed garden idea is just as functional and doesn’t require any building or shopping for materials. Plus, you will be reusing plastic containers to grow your plants and move them around. 

Simply fill the milk crates with soil and take advantage of the divisions they have for the bottles. You can grow different kinds of herbs on the same crate, and it’s a great idea to keep it in your kitchen. That way, you will have homegrown herbs at the reach of your hand whenever you’re cooking.

4. Using Concrete Blocks

If you can build a house with concrete blocks, why not a garden?

This is a great project to work on with kids because they will get to build and plant at the same time. Concrete also makes a good material to build raised bed gardens because it regulates the soil temperature. 

You could build mini pots with each brick or place them together to build different levels and make a raised ‘’wall’’ garden. Painting the bricks will also give your garden a nice touch of color.

5. Adding Benches

If you are going to spend a lot of time in your garden, make it a comfortable place.

Being able to gather family and friends around your plants will create a nice atmosphere on any occasion. You will be showing off your gardening skills with all your beautiful plants being the center of attention. 

Just add wooden benches to the sides of your raised bed garden and put them in a central place of your house. You could arrange an entire patio with your garden as the main attraction.

6. Dresser Herb Garden

Do you know that old dresser that has been sitting in your garage for a while? There’s no need to get rid of it, turn it into a raised bed garden instead!

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This is an original idea and it looks very nice. 

If you open the drawers and plant your herbs in them, the result will be a combination of garden and furniture that is decorative and functional. You could even keep it inside your house as if it was just a regular dresser.

The Possibilities Are Endless!

There are endless possibilities when it comes to building a raised bed garden. 

These are some of the most creative ones we can think of, and what is even better, some of them don’t even involve any building.

Whatever the style of raised bed garden you choose to go for, keep in mind that it can be more than a place to grow your plants: if you get even more creative, you can use them as great decoration or transform any space almost completely.

And if you are more into minimalist and high-end looks for your garden, you can use different materials: metal is a great option and it will give a sophisticated look to your lawn or the interior of your house.

You can also get creative with shapes, levels and heights. Your raised bed garden can be shaped like a spiral, in circles or geometric patterns. And it doesn’t have to stay flat either. Building raised bed gardens as shelves with the help of stairs, old furniture or exterior walls is also a good idea to give your garden a different look.

In short, we looked at the benefits of having a raised bed garden: control of the soil, easier gardening, decoration and space design. 

Raised Bed Garden Ideas For Everyone

What did you think of the ideas we just gave you? 

Hopefully, you got inspired because building a raised bed garden is not only about using wooden sets.

You can make one with a lot of different things. 

And doing it with items you already have in your house is a great idea for getting rid of stuff you don’t use anymore by turning it into something useful and beautiful. 

Gardening is the best way to reuse and recycle things you would no longer use. Plus, you’re allowing your plants to grow better and stronger.

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