Decorate Your Garden With River Rock Landscaping

River Rock Garden - River Rock Landscaping
River Rock Landscaping

River Rock Landscaping Will Bring Back Stones In Your Garden

River rocks are smooth stones that are found in a plethora of sizes, shapes and colors. The smoothness and varied appearances of the stones are due to the water current that passes over such stones over a long period of time. The river rocks come in a variety of colors such as red, blue, green, slate gray, coral, orange, pink, etc. The river rocks are very popular for landscaping because of their visual appeal and the ability to blend in with any kind of landscaping design. They are also widely used in fountains and artificial waterfalls.

There are some very interesting river rock landscaping designs that are commonly used all over the world.

Dry Creek Bed

A dry creek bed resembles the dried bed of a natural stream and is widely used in landscaping. The dry river bed can be lined with river rocks to impart a natural appearance to the bed. The use of river rocks gives a visual appearance of a real creek running through the landscape. The creek can be designed to pass through trees, boulders and other things forming a part of the landscaping. River rocks used in a dry creek bed also channelize the flow of water and prevent erosion. River rocks also slow down the speed of gushing water.

Decorate your Garden with River Rock Landscaping
Decorate your Garden with River Rock Landscaping

Walking Path

An interesting river rock landscaping design is a walking path made using river rocks. Such a path requires smaller kinds of river rocks such as pea gravel to enable walking without any problem. Flagstone steps and pavers can also be used between the river rocks to make walking much more pleasing. The rock stones need to be lined by a border to prevent them from going astray. This kind of landscaping design gives the feeling of walking on a river bed.

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River rocks can be used to create boundaries of garden beds, flower beds, plants, etc. River rocks enhance the aesthetic appeal of such features in a landscape. The river rocks can also be ringed around ponds and fountains. River rocks even make the boundaries of the property beautiful.


River rocks can also be used in gardens. This is because such rocks not only make the garden beautiful but also enhance drainage. The river rocks do not decay for very long periods of time which makes them cost-effective as well.

Children’s Play Areas

River rocks are also used around children’s play areas. A layer of river rocks acts as a shock absorbent and prevents children from getting hurt on falls. Such stones do not become infested with pests and are much cleaner alternatives to sand.

Sloping Lands

Landscapes with sloping topography can use river rocks. The river rocks placed on sloped lands prevent soil erosion during heavy rainfall.


Patios constructed using river rocks make a natural addition to the landscaping design. The patio can be constructed by fixing large river rocks with each other by masonry or by embedding them into the ground. The patio can also be created by using loosely spaced paving stones with pea-sized rock stones filling the space.


3/8” are the smallest-sized river rocks available for landscaping while the maximum size ranges between 3” and 5”. River rocks of different sizes are suitable for different landscaping needs.

Factors Affecting The Cost

The size of the river rocks is the main determinant of the overall cost of river rock landscaping. Small-sized stones usually cost more than bigger ones. The volume of the stones is another factor affecting the cost. The Greater volume of stones adds to the cost of river rock landscaping. Thus, it is better to determine the accurate estimation of the number of rocks required for landscaping to avoid purchasing extra stones.

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Hope this above-mentioned information helps you to understand the benefits of installing a river rock landscaping for your garden.

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