How To Make And How To Grow Sweet Potatoes

Everybody, at least once in life, need to try sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas). Years ago sweet potatoes were more like a festival food and like a delicatessen, but right now you can get them in almost all grocery or fruit stores and can find them on any restaurant menu.

You can serve sweet potatoes in many ways:

  • Boiled
  • Fried
  • With butter or greek yogurt
  • With cinnamon
  • With brown sugar

Just try it with one of the things above, you will love it.

How To Make Sweet Potatoes At Home?

If you have large potatoes, then choose one potato per person, but if small, then few for each person. Do not peel them, just wash off all dirt. After this put them in a pot and boil for 2 hours. If you are using low fire, then 4 hours. That’s it! I’m eating sweet potatoes with cheese and chicken meat. It’s perfect!

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Why Is Sweet Potato So Good?

Because it’s full of potassium, vitamin A and C. And another good thing – I remember when my mother was growing them in her garden, and I was like eight years old. When the potato was green, I wanted to pull them out and see how big they are, but my mother said that you need to wait for the potato top to die. When it turns yellow, you are ready to pull. And that satisfying feeling when you pull out a potato who is bigger than your arm or sometimes even head.

Tips For Growing Sweet Potatoes.

1. They are very sensitive to frost. Plant them when all frost is gone. I start to plant them at the end of May.

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2. Make good compost for them, at least 7 inches deep and rich in minerals. Potatoes prefer dry soil.

3. Make a garden for potatoes where always is sun and water does not collect if raining.

4. If you want to root sprouts in your house, then do it at least 90 days before the last frost. So you will be ready to plant after the last frost.

5. When planting, put a lot of soil on the plant.

6. Don’t use nitrogen fertilizer on the potatoes. It will make roots grow too fast.

7. Don’t put too much water on them when the weather is dry. The roots will start to rot.

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