Buyer’s Guide: The Best Air Hammer 2022

If you’re thinking about working with stone carving or in the auto mechanic world, you probably want to produce a quality product for potential clients and customers. If so, then you may want to look into an air chisel, also known as an air hammer. Finding the best air hammer is tough when you have virtually no help, but we’re here to guide you on your air hammer buying journey. While some are in the shape of a heat gun, we assure you that they were two different tools. Below, you’ll find a bit of a buying guide along with some helpful rundowns of each air hammer we have in store for you. If you don’t want to use a hammer, then this air hammer is a must-have tool.

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The Best Air Hammer Reviews

1. Ingersoll Rand Air Hammer 114GQC

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Attractive in price with a number of appealing features, the details of the Ingersoll Rand Air Hammer sound great on paper, and work well in real-life, too! Features include:

  • 3-piece chisel set
  • Quick change retainer for the chisel
  • Longer life
  • Ergonomic grip

The ergonomic grip of the aforementioned air hammer allows the user to not only be safer but reduce the strain on the wrist. In doing so, you’ll be able to successfully complete your focus projects that much better. With the alloyed steel barrel equipped and the piston that’s heat-treated, the longevity of the air hammer is amplified. As for the chisel set, you’ll receive three different heads for a number of applications, and a quick-change option thanks to the genius design. For the price, it can’t be beaten!

2. DEWALT DWMT70785 Air Chisel Hammer

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One of the more well-known brands of the world of tools, DEWALT has come out with a very aesthetically (and monetarily) appealing air chisel hammer. Features of this hammer include:

  • Body structure that’s aluminum
  • Trigger that has touch control
  • Handle that is shock absorbing

It’s worth mentioning that this is a lightweight body because it’s constructed of aluminum. If you remember any of the aforementioned information on the weight of the air hammers, you’ll know that this may not be the best for heavy-duty automotive applications. However, it’s fantastic for light to medium-duty projects in both professional and residential settings. A shock-absorbing handle ensures that you’ll remain safe regardless and not strain yourself, along with a touch control safety feature on the trigger. In hindsight, the price is perfect for what you get, especially with an extra four heads for the chisel aspect.

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3. Performance Tool M668 Heavy Duty Air Hammer

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Manufactured by Performance Tool, the price of this handheld power machine is almost shocking. Fantastic in reviews, price, and performance, features of this air hammer include:

  • Perfect for lightweight projects like repairs, hole punching, exhaust work, and more
  • Air regulator that’s built-in
  • Spring safety retainer, quick change
  • 5 heat-treated chisels included

If you’re someone looking for something to use at home on projects or for more lightweight work in your industry, this Performance Tool heavy-duty air hammer may do the trick. Those who need hole punching and panel cutting, along with heavy exhaust work can also use this with ease. Included in the contents of this package are five heat-treated chisels for a number of different applications. For those who constantly shuffle through chisels and need them quickly, the quick-change feature allows you to do just that.

4. Chicago Pneumatic CP717 Super Duty Air Hammer

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One of the more powerful air hammers manufactured by Chicago Pneumatic, you’ll eb able to use this in heavy-duty applications like the automotive world. Other features include the following:

  • 1,800 BPM (blows per minute)
  • Longer stroke with a piston that’s heavy-duty
  • Positive action trigger
  • .498-inch diameter for the chisel shank

You may be wondering, “what does the above mean?” For this air hammer, you should be well-versed, as it’s applicable in heavy-duty situations like off-roading vehicles, and other automotive industry tasks. Providing 1800 powerful blows per minute, you’ll be able to precisely control the spool valve in a fantastic manner thanks to the positive action trigger. The diameter of the chisel shank also allows you to handle this newfound power rather well. The price is a little on the higher side in comparison with others listed here, but it’s well worth it for professional use.

5. Astro Pneumatic Tool – Super Duty Air Hammer

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Manufactured by Astro Pneumatic, this heavy-duty air hammer has been flying off the shelves and out of the Internet’s inventory. The price is lower than the last, but it also boasts quite a few different features. Features include:

  • Heavy-duty applications in both industrial and automotive industries
  • Great for installation and removal of rivets in work sites and suspension
  • 1800 rotations per minute

The rivets feature is an important one, as it can be used in a number of heavy-duty applications including l-beam suspension, truck bushings, kingpins, and many more heavy-duty tasks. Great for industrial and automotive professionals, the price tag is well worth what you receive with this handheld powerhouse.

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6. Kobalt Air Hammer With 4-Chisels

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The next air hammer on this list looks smaller in photos but is great as a handheld piece of machinery that packs a punch. Very attractive in price and comes equipped with four different chisel heads, you’re not going to be let down with this piece. Features include:

  • Ergonomic design
  • 5 CFM at 90 PSI
  • Power regulator that’s built-in
  • Trigger control

As we mentioned, it’s important to have a piece of machinery that can run at 90 PSI (pressure per square inch), and it’s extremely helpful that the aforementioned can partake in such with a great ergonomic design for the hand. Beyond this, the trigger control eliminates safety hazards, and the longevity of the air hammer is all thanks to the alloyed-steel barrel and the heat-treated piston.

Factors To Consider Before Buying An Air Hammer

There are quite a few factors that differentiate air hammers from other types of products in the same niche, but we have to say: they don’t look like your typical hammer! Because it uses air, the composition and structure of the “hammer” have to be quite different than the conventional. Beyond this, there are a few things that set the aforementioned apart including the power generated PSI (per square inch), along with the weight, blows per minute, and of course – the amount of air that’s required to successfully operate the handheld machinery. Other considerations include:


Typically, those who use an air hammer are partaking in heavy-duty applications of the said hammer, although it’s not uncommon to find yourself using this in a multitude of tasks. Those that are able to provide up to 3,000 blows per minute are great for tasks that require more demand and focus. Hammers that are for more lightweight tasks typically have shorter barrels and aren’t used as often for said demanding tasks in certain industries, but do have their place and time.

Barrel Length

Now that we’ve discussed the length of the barrel and its use in heavy-duty situations, you may be wondering more about the aforementioned. Typically, short barrels are not used for heavy-duty applications, as they are constructed for lightweight work. Those that will need something for thin metal, studs on wheels that need to be removed from the said wheel, and other types of tasks will do great with a short barrel length. However, barrels that are longer prove themselves to be more versatile, as they don’t have many restrictions on their usage. In fact, they can perform the functions of both long and short barrels, but the bit supply is limiting.

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Size of The Tank

The tank size is something else to look at, as air compressors are key in the success of the operation of the air hammer. Without it, you wouldn’t exactly be using an air hammer. It is pivotal that the choice of tank is compatible with the PSI in your air hammer. If these two don’t mesh, you won’t be having a very good time – in fact, you won’t be able to use your handheld machinery at all; especially those who are strictly using it at home. If you need any replacement compressor parts to check out PMJ International.


It’s imperative to note that the progressive trigger is something else to look at, but you shouldn’t be alarmed if you don’t find one. Not every single air hammer has the aforementioned, but it’s something that’s highly recommended. A progressive trigger that’s gradual with aid in reducing the amount of potential harm the air hammer has to the user. In having this, you have a tad bit more control when using.

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  • Up to 3500 blows per minute
  • Handles a range of cutting applications
  • Longer life alloyed steel barrel and heat-treated piston
  • Item Package Dimension: 9.3″ L x 6.7″ W x 2.5″ H

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Tips on How To Choose The Best Air Hammer For Your Needs

Before we get into reviews of the best hair hammer for your needs, you must first know a few tips or facts about said hammers in order to make the most educated purchase. The aforementioned includes knowing:

  • Stroke length suggestion of 2-5/8” to a full 3 inches
  • Hose diameter minimum should be around 3/8”
  • Pressure should be continuous at at least 90 PSI
  • The hammer strokes should be seen at around 2100 to 3000 BPM (or BFM), which is also known as blows per minute

Knowing these quick specifications, you can research more on how to understand these and how these play into your air hammer. When you know that information, you can successfully make a purchase that will benefit you in as many ways as possible.

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