The Best Garden Hose

Getting the best garden hose was dramatically different 30-40 years ago because it was almost impossible. If by some miracle, a garden hose went on sale in a shop, it will disappear in a minute no matter if it was of the highest quality or one that had a low quality but a very high price.

Now, it’s the complete opposite. You can get all kinds of hoses in almost every shop. I’ve even seen simple grocery stores sell them. So the choice is a little bit harder than it was before. But I will try to help you with choosing the right hose. If you want to buy an expandable pocket hose – read this article.

Generally, there are six groups of big hoses. While small hoses are similar to big ones, there are small changes and differences in their features. I will focus on the big hoses as they are more important. You can make a choice quickly just by knowing everything about these big groups.

If you have a garden on your land, then you must make a good choice among the top garden hoses sold on the market today. There are many of these products sold online. Your choice of the garden hose should be based on your needs and determine what kind of hose you need and how long it will last.

It’s not always easy to pick out what the best garden hoses consumer reports say because honestly, there are quite a few of those reviews out there and while they are helpful, they could be overwhelming at times. That is why it’s important to know what you need and where you are going to use your hose to determine which one is the best among the rest. Because the truth is, the best one is the one that is most suited to your needs.

Half of getting a quality hose is making sure you have the one that is made from materials that are best adapted for your intended use. So whether you want a soaker hose, a rubber garden hose, Flexzilla garden hose, or a regular expandable hose made in the USA, you have to find out and understand what is the best for what you need the hose for. Remember, the best garden hose is one that will work best with its purpose in mind.

Editor’s Pick: Garden Hose

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What Are The 11 Best Garden Hoses That You Can Buy?

1. Greenbest Stainless Steel Garden Hose

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Read the review here. The Greenbest Stainless Steel Garden Hose comes in an elegant stainless steel metal finish. It is entirely rust-proof and resistant to corrosion or any form of discoloration due to metal contamination. This 100-feet Greenbest Hose is lightweight. This makes it easy to keep and carry. The only difference between this hose and the others is that the Greenbest Hose is not expandable. Nonetheless, it does not take up much space in addition to being the best lightweight garden hose.

It has a flexible exterior casing that makes it durable and able to stand hundreds of uses. The exterior casing is actually what makes this special hose last longer than many other hoses. This quality hose makes the Greenbest Hose last for many months of continued and frequent use. It also has a lot of metallic accessories with it. It has a UV protection capacity that keeps its casing cool to the touch. It is also made from durable material that keeps the hose resistant to kinks, punctures, and tangles of any kind. The sturdiness of its main metallic component keeps it from being destroyed while on the outside.

The Greenbest Hose is also equipped with a metal nozzle combination that can facilitate any washing or cleaning activity. It also has other metallic components like a 3/4″ metal coupling and an aviation aluminum alloy joint. The Greenbest Hose also contains an anti-aging antioxidant that naturally keeps the entire hose free of rust. Moreover, it has various water pipe specifications that you can choose from, thus allowing you to spray water from a distance of a minimum of 25 feet to a maximum of 100 feet.

Another great feature of the Greenbest Hose is the fact that it comes with a 12-month warranty. Nonetheless, with a rock-solid and indestructible stainless steel structure, the Greenbest Hose is something that will probably not need that warranty.

2. Clear Flow Garden Hose

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[amazon fields=”B00HM2KVPS” value=”button”]

While it looks completely flat when you are not using it, the Clear Flow Garden Hose has the most innovative design that makes it perfect for cold weather. Known for its effectiveness, the Clear Flow Hose is useful for situations where space is a necessity, like in an RV. When it comes to durability and quality of build, the Clear Flow Hose has a design that specifically targets cold weather situations. This is because water drains out of the hose naturally. In freezing conditions, this quality is of great importance. The Clear Flow Hose is made from polyurethane which accounts for its durability. Unlike other hoses that are partly constructed from brass or other metals, polyurethane hoses do not have any risk of water getting contaminated by leaking lead or other chemicals.

Moreover, the Clear Flow Hose is also environment-friendly. This is because it is made from recyclable materials. Therefore, the hose will not take up landfill space even if you have to discard it when it is time to get a new one. Overall, this hose is very easy to handle. Although it does not feel as sturdy as a hose made from heavy rubber, the Clear Flow Hose is still well-constructed and can handle the usual yard terrain without any problems.

When it comes to design and ergonomics, the Clear Flow Hose has a number of advantages as well. First, with its design and the polyurethane material, the hose can freely glide over your yard without getting entangled in the rocks. It is also compatible with various garden hose nozzles or spigots, and they will fit into it without any issues.

Aside from its special use in cold weather, it has also been rated with a high safety standard for use in delivering potable water. That is because the Clear Flow Hose is not made from harmful materials and chemicals. Moreover, its structure allows UV rays from the sun to hit the water directly inside it, thus eliminating all harmful organisms. Despite its need to use a nozzle to put enough pressure on the water, the best part of the Clear Flow Hose is the 10-year warranty that its manufacturer gives to all of its users.

3. Water Right 400 Series Safe Garden Hose

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[amazon fields=”B003P9XAAU” value=”button”]

The Water Right Garden Hose is a hose that is certified by both the FDA and the NSF to be safe in delivering drinking water. This is because no harmful materials have been used in its manufacture. The Water Right Garden Hose is efficient and durable because it is made from polyurethane resin. This material is free from potentially toxic components like BPA and lead. Moreover, the lead-free fittings are not only free of toxins but are also built to last for many years even with frequent and heavy use.

When it comes to its functionality and ergonomics, the Water Right Garden Hose is not only the best when it comes to delivering safe drinking water, it is also flexible and hard to kink. The Water Right Hose is perfect for both hot and cold weather conditions. In fact, it is ideal even in extreme temperatures. This hose has been approved by two agencies to be incredibly safe for providing safe drinking water, and it also has one more attribute. Users can enjoy the clean taste of water that comes out of the Water Right Hose which tastes just like potable tap water, unlike other hoses that would have water with a distinct flavor.

The Water Right Hose weighs only 3 pounds for every 50 feet. Making it one of the best lightweight garden hoses in the market today. Another good feature of the hose is that it can handle freezing temperatures as well as scorching hot ones. This is because it has been specially engineered to withstand heat and cold. Moreover, the Water Right Hose has been manufactured with strain reliefs on both ends. This prevents the kinking of the hose, especially at the nozzle or the faucet end. Aside from this, the hose is resistant to cracks and leaky connections. Furthermore, with a flow rate of 4-5 gallons per minute, you will be able to do a lot in your home, shop, or garden in the shortest possible time.

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4. Happy Homey Garden Hose

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The Happy Homey Garden Hose is a hose that is compact, lightweight, and thus, easy to store and carry. This hose can expand up to three times its original length which makes it convenient to use even at long distances. The compact structure of the Happy Homey Garden Hose also helps conserve space when it’s not in use. The Happy Homey Garden Hose also boasts of its long lifespan of even more than 1100 uses. This is because of the triple-layer latex quality of the main material. This material is the strongest and most durable of its kind. It can give the hose a water burst pressure tolerance of up to 145 PSI/10 Bar. This can make it withstand pressure and natural wear and tear for up to a thousand uses.

The Happy Homey Garden Hose also has strong solid brass connectors. These connectors prevent any breakage, cracks, or leakage. Thus, you will not waste water while using it.

The brass connectors can also withstand extreme temperatures from negative 5 degrees Celsius to 98 degrees Celsius. However, there is still no evidence that the Happy Homey Garden Hose can remain stable in freezing temperatures. The brass connectors of this hose are also equipped with a free spray nozzle that has eight patterns. The patterns can support all your cleaning and watering needs whether you are cleaning your car or home, gardening, or bathing your pets. The Happy Homey Garden Hose also comes with a risk-free satisfaction guarantee. Together with its portability, durability, and high quality, the risk-free guarantee gives you a money-back guarantee.

Users also praise the Happy Homey Garden Hose’s long lifetime, its resistance to leaks or cracks, and its absence of kinks and tangles. These are the signs of the hose’s strength and durability.

5. Parker Hannifin Water Hose

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The Parker Hannifin Water Hose is a premium hot water hose that is made from heavy-duty 100% rubber, as well as heavy-duty nickel, plated brass couplings that are basically crush-proof. This water hose has a heavy-duty spiral reinforcement that can withstand up to 125 psi of burst pressure and even up to 500 psi, thus preventing bursts. The Parker Water Hose is ideal for hot temperatures, especially in boiling water. In fact, the hose is not damaged even after 30 minutes of continuous use with boiling water. However, it may freeze when under extremely low temperatures. Nonetheless, it is guaranteed not to break or burst.

This type of hose comes with a structure that is not only sturdy but one that is also known as one of the best no kink garden hoses today. Thus, you can freely drag this around or along your entire yard without any problems. Whether you will use the hose for a long time or not, it will not wear away so easily because of its strong rubber garden hose structure. Many users say that they trust this hose because of its capacity to hold hot water and to let it pass through without any issues. Thus, this heat-proof capacity makes the Parker Water Hose more reliable than many other hoses. Still, other users praise its lightweight capacity and its ability to be stored and carried easily. The compactness of its material is useful when saving space during storage.

The Parker Water Hose expands up to twice in size when in use and shrinks back to its original size after use. Aside from this, this hose is known to pass through high standards in terms of durability because not all hoses can withstand the frequent flowing of hot water. This makes it one of the best garden hoses ever made.

6. Neverkink 9844-100 Series 4000 Commercial Duty Pro Garden Hose

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I can genuinely say that Neverkink knows how to make garden hoses. If you want a heavy-duty garden hose then go for this one. There is even a spring at the female end that helps protect the hose from kinking and breaking. Neversink also offers a lifetime warranty, so if your hose kinks, Neverkink will replace it for free.

This hose has only one bad thing, the washers, which come with the packaging and are pretty bad in quality, but hey, you get 10 washers at the cheapest price. And you need to change them every year anyway.

As you can see at hose listings, sometimes 100ft hoses are cheaper than 75ft but don’t be tricked. Remember that 100ft is long and this makes the hose heavy., This makes it hard to manage, carry, and store. My point is – buy a 100ft hose only if you really need one, not because it’s longer and cheaper.

7. Ruifeng Water Hose

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The Ruifeng Water hose is one that is easy to handle and maneuver which makes it an incredibly easy-to-use hose for your garden, lawn, or whatever workshop you’re working on. Made from fabric and polyurethane with steel assembly clamps and solid copper fittings; the Ruifeng Water hose is one of the sturdiest hoses ever made thanks to its resistance. The Ruifeng Water Hose has a stretchable and expandable garden hoose body that will not twist or kink. It has brass connectors that are sturdy enough and will not burst. Moreover, it does not get entangled in rocks or debris as its texture glides smoothly through them.

This water hose also has a durable expanded structure that gives it added flexibility during use. It also comes with a spray nozzle that you can adjust with up to eight patterns. The metal connectors also add to the stability of the structure. The Ruifeng Water Hose is made from premium materials that can withstand heat of up to 208.4 degrees Fahrenheit. It can also expand up to three times its original size. The size shrinks back automatically to its original size as soon as the water is turned off. This makes the Ruifeng Water Hose lightweight.

The Ruifeng Water Hose is ideal for many cleaning and watering purposes. It can be used in your car-washing shop, workshop, garden, pool, RV, and boat. As a high-quality water hose, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a storage sack with which you can carry the hose wherever you go. Users of the Ruifeng Water Hose say that the best qualities of this hose include its durability and stability. It also comes with the ease with which one can stretch and maneuver the hose,  unlike most hoses where you have to hold firmly in order to control its movement. The Ruifeng Water Hose does not give the user a difficult time while watering or cleaning.

8. Parker Green Premium Garden Hose

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The Parker Green Premium Garden Hose is one hose that is popular for its heavy-duty rubber structure, making it one of the best rubber garden hoses you can buy today. This makes the hose firm and sturdy. However, despite the sturdy material, it is not as heavy and bulky as other hoses so it does not take up much space when it is not used. The Parker Green Premium Garden Hose is also resistant to high temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Although there is not much proof that it can withstand freezing temperatures, the quality and strength of its material seem very encouraging.

This great hose has a secure end that is very flexible. Although it does not straighten out completely, it keeps itself from kinking. This facilitates easy maneuvering and handling. Overall, this hose is ideal to drag around the yard because it does not kink at all. Users of the Parker Green Premium Garden Hose also praise the fact that the hose is not bound too tight inside the package. With some packaged hoses, the twist ties cause a dent in the hose which can cause many kinks in the hose as a result. The Parker Green Premium Garden Hose also does not leak when you connect it to the water source. Other hoses would take a long time to fit into the source of water and would cause occasional leaks. Its connectors are made from durable aluminum.

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This incredible garden hose is also very durable and sturdy. First of all, it does not easily get brittle in hot or freezing temperatures. Second, it lasts many months before you will have to buy a new one. The green color of the Parker Green Premium Garden Hose is also very attractive as it shows a color that blends in with the grass and plants. Many users say that this green color is pleasing to the eye and is nice to look at.

9. Black Knight Garden Hose

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The Black Knight Garden Hose is a hose that can incredibly expand up to three times its original length. It is compact and lightweight and this makes it easy to keep and carry. It also boasts a longer lifetime compared to other hoses. The Black Knight Garden Hose has excellent connectors. These connectors are made from brass. And brass does not leak, break, or corrode. It is basically resistant to rust, and it can also withstand extreme temperatures from -5 degrees Celsius to 98 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the solid brass fittings are resistant to pressure.

The brass valve has more advantages. First, it has an efficient water flow and can save you trips to the faucet. Second, the spray nozzle has 8 different patterns to support your watering and gardening needs. Moreover, the variety of patterns allows the regulation of water for cleaning pets as well as for washing your home or car.  This particular material can withstand the pressure of up to 145 PSI/10 Bar. This means that it can handle even extreme bursts of water flow. The high-pressure limit of this hose also means that it can handle up to 1200 uses compared to typical hoses that break down after around 250 uses.

What adds to its durability is its 5000D tough elastic outer fabric. This is denser and more rugged than other materials. It can protect the hose’s inner tube better and can provide greater resistance to leaks and bursting.

10. Zikke Deluxe Watering Hose

[amazon fields=”B0746FWSCJ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

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The Zikke Deluxe Watering Hose lives up to its level of luxury and excellence. The Zikke Watering Hose has the highest durability among these types of hoses. It has triple layers made from 100% pure natural latex inner tube core. This top-quality material ranks high when it comes to endurance, stability, and durability. This enables the Zikke Watering Hose to withstand up to 1100 times of continued use and even with a maximum burst pressure of 12 Bar. The lightness and compactness of the Zikke Watering Hose give it a weight of only 4.9 pounds. Thus, it is easy to store and carry. It reverts to its original size when not in use, so you can save up space when storing it. Moreover, it has a full length of 100 feet under constant water pressure.

Aside from these advantages of the Zikke Watering Hose, it also has a brass hose connector that does not crack, break, leak, or corrode. The brass connector will ensure that no water is wasted. It can also withstand high temperatures of up to 108 degrees Fahrenheit. The brass connectors also have various spray models that can meet all your needs from car washing, home cleaning, garden irrigation, or even bathing your pet. The Zikke Watering Hose is easy to operate and does not require any skill to use.

Aside from these advantages, the Zikke Watering Hose can survive all the toughness of the environment. This includes the heat of up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, although the hose will work best at 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Aside from all these important features, the Zikke Watering hose also has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Users also praise its elegant black color plus its spray watering gun-3-layer latex that defines its usefulness and durability. Still, a great number of users appreciate the fact that this hose does not kink and is easy to drag along.

11. Bulbhead Hercules Steel Garden Hose

[amazon fields=”B071JSGS2G” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B00GHYA7LA” value=”button” link_overwrite=”″ button_text=”Check Latest Price”]

The Bulbhead Hercules Steel Garden Hose, or Hercules Hose, is one of the toughest hoses in the market today. It can stand extreme heat as well as high water pressure. In fact, its pressure capacity was tested in the ocean where the Bulbhead Garden Hose withstood a shark attack without any damage at all. What makes the Hercules Hose strong and durable is its stainless steel casing as well as its interlocking armor design. This makes it endure up to 1200 uses of even the strongest water pressure. This construction defines the strength and durability of the Hercules Hose not just in how long you can use it but in how strong you can feel its entire structure.

The Hercules Hose is also equipped with professional-grade anti-leak connectors. These connectors will not break and guarantee no leaks at all. Industrial grade anti-leak connectors ensure that no water will be wasted in every cleaning or gardening session using the Hercules Hose. Moreover, the lightweight capacity of the Hercules Hose allows it to be carried easily along your yard. Its sturdy material also does not allow it to kink over time. The multiple spray models of this hose also make it easier to water shrubs or clean gutters. In any case, the Hercules Hose is ready for anything you command it to do.

Furthermore, the Hercules Hose comes with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee against kinks, tears, and tangles. It can be dragged along your yard smoothly without getting entangled in rocks or debris. This is how good, and strong the Hercules Hose is. The Hercules Hose can also withstand high-temperatures thanks to its latex design. Although there is no physical evidence that the Hercules Hose can withstand freezing temperatures as well, that is very probable because of the positive result of its impressive ocean test.

The Garden Hose Comparisons Table

Type of hoseDescriptionTerms of use
by hose material:
Rubber HoseCan be used when water pressure is more than 350psi. Resistant to temperature changes, UV, and chemicals. Are quite heavy, but does not deform. Service life for more than 10 years. Can’t be used for drinking water.Multi-purpose. Mostly used for permanent irrigation systems or in-car washing companies. Works perfectly from -30 to + 90ºC (-22f to 194f)
PVC hosePerfect for systems where water pressure is 44psi or more. At low temperatures loses flexibility, kinks very easily. Maximum lifetime 3 years with proper storing in winter.Water plants at temperatures from 23f to 122f or -5ºC + 50ºC. Not good for rough places with spikes and other sharp things.
TPE hoseThermoplastic Rubber Hose – perfect for very high pressures. Can hold more than 116psi. High resistance in cold weather. Lightweight, hard to break and is not vulnerable to kinking. Resistant to UV and chemicals. Lifetime is more than 15 years.Can be used for year-round irrigation or other watering systems in freezing and very hot weather. Works from -50 to +90 ºC or -58f to 194f.
Silicone HoseEasily bends and kinks, can’t be used in direct sunlight because it can get soft.Mostly used for watering flower beds.
by performance:
Single-layer hoseDoes not have any internal or external coating. Very easy to break, kink or puncture. Very cheap.Don’t use it when the temperature is more than 40c or 104f. Mostly used for taking water from the water tank to a bucket.
Multilayer hoseBetter resistance to chemicals, cold and hot weather and also resistant to UV rays. Better kink resistance and flexibility. Can hold very high water pressures.Daily watering. Can be used in almost all temperatures. Mostly all rubber hoses are multilayer.
Expandable hoseHas a two-layer structure – a hose in the hose. The internal hose is made of rubber with a high ability to stretch, the outside is made of nylon filaments – it is resistant to dirt and has a wear-resistant quality.Ideal for irrigation of ornamental plants and flower beds with constant water pressure. Hard to stretch and collect hose when the surface is uneven.

1. Rubber Hose

There are two types of rubber hose – single layer and multilayer. They are excellent at handling high pressures and mechanical damages. You actually can’t damage it, if you are using it correctly. Another good thing about rubber hoses is that you can leave them outside no matter what kind of weather is out there. Sun, rain, cold, winter (in winter – if you leave water in it, it can be damaged) is no problem for rubber hoses. There is one con for rubber hoses though; its weight. It will be hard to carry it, and you can easily break flowers and small trees with it.

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2. Vinyl Hose

If you are comparing vinyl hoses to a rubber hose, it’s completely different. Light, elastic, and easy to carry but it just can’t hold more than a 5 bar pressure or it will blow up. Also, you can’t leave it out in the sun for too long or when the temperature is unstable. If you leave it out, it will crack and start to leak water. Consider buying a vinyl hose only if you are using it inside or if you will roll it up and empty all the water every time after you use it.

3. PVC Hoses (Plastic Hoses)

It’s the common among gardening hoses. It has multilayer and single layer versions too, just like a rubber hose. To make it a little bit stronger, they cover it with vinyl strings. PVC hoses are easily bendable without any problems. It can also hold up to 35 bars of pressure. Impressive isn’t it? There is one interesting feature. After some time when being under pressure, this hose will leak water through many small holes. It will not affect pressure or anything else, but you can use it as garden irrigation. Just leave it outside, and it will sprinkle water. Perfect!

4. Pocket Hose (Latex)

This type of hoses are new, but I have an article about them here.  The best thing about a latex hose is that it is an expandable garden hose that can expand more than 3 times its original size. It is a hose within a hose. Inside is an elastic rubber hose and outside is a flattened vinyl hose. These hoses have not been around in the market for very long yet, so I can’t say how this hose will work after 5+ years. But who cares if you can get a hose that expands from 15 feet to 100 feet.

5. Hoses Made From Transparent Plastic

They are cheap, light and elastic but they are very sensitive to temperature changes, and inside hose walls accumulate limestone. It means you can use this hose for watering some stuff or washing a car, but you can’t drink from it.

That’s all about types. When choosing a hose, you will also think about length and diameter, but you will know how to choose that by reading below.

The Best garden hose
The Best garden hose

What Is The Best Length For a Garden Hose?

You can measure hose length like this: go to the hose splitter or spigot and check the length from the farthest garden corner. That’s the maximum length you will be needing. Don’t buy something longer than that. You can always connect more hoses, but you can’t make it smaller (you can, but it’s not good). So, if you measured a length of 50m, buy a 50m hose. Don’t buy 75 or 100. I own two hoses, a Latex hose for longer watering and a rubber hose for car washing. The Latex hose expands to 75m, and when it’s not filled with water, I can put it in a small bag. I bought a rubber hose (20m) for car washing because I wash it in the winter and as I said, Latex hoses don’t like winter.

If you accidentally chose a very long hose there are a few points in future you need to remember why you shouldn’t choose a very long hose:

a.) It will cost a lot more than a normal length hose

b.) It’s harder to drain it. You will need to push and push and push and pull to get all the water out of it.

c.) It’s a struggle to move around with a long hose. All those corners you need to take and also the bending; it’s such a nightmare.

d.) If you have low water pressure, you will be, I’m sorry for this, pissed at the end.

Hose Diameter.

If you have low water pressure, buy a hose with a small diameter. It’s easy – the higher the water pressure, the bigger the diameter you should choose. Most common sizes are – 1/5 (16mm) , 3/4 (20mm), 1 (25mm).

Hose Strength.

This one is important; the pressure that the hose can stand. This information should be written on the hose description – If you use sprinklers or anything else with high pressure – buy a hose that can hold more than 350 psi. The more pressure you have, the more PSI you should choose.

PVC garden hose - best garden hose
PVC garden hose

Hose Kinking.

If you hate it when you are doing some watering, and suddenly the water stops and you need to check the whole hose for kinks and loosen them – then test it for kinking. If it kinks when you are bending it in U shape – don’t buy it. It also reduces your hose’s lifetime.

Temperature Range.

If you want to use a hose in winter, you will need to check the temperature description on the hose’s label. The typical hose will work from -13 Fahrenheit to 105. If you are buying a casual hose, remember, don’t leave it outside in hot weather and in winter. It will break very fast.

Buyers Guide: Question And Answers

How To Connect a Hose To Hose Splitter or Hose Nozzle?

Some people, after buying a hose, are quite surprised when they realize don’t know how to connect it and forgot to buy stuff for that.

You can connect a hose by using fittings. Depending on the pressure and hose diameter, you can use a fitting or a screw clamp. The simplest and cheapest option is a plastic connector. This option is ideal for small pressures mostly for irrigation systems.

If the hose is often connected to clean or wash your car, then the best option would be to screw a clamp on it. This type of connection provides the fastest connection and disconnection from nozzles, splitters, or other systems.

Metal Fittings

this is the most common way to connect a garden hose to a tap or hose splitter and is the best for long-term use. Some hoses are very hard, and it’s they are also hard to connect that fitting. In that case, but one of the hosen’s ends in hot water, to soften it, and you will be able to connect it easier. For an even more secure fit, use a screw clamp made of stainless steel. This connection will be perfect for any pressure and system.

How To Fix a Hose

Hoses may sometimes break very quickly, especially after kinking or if you leave it outside very cold or very hot weather. But remember, even if your hose bursts, you don’t need to buy a new one. You can fix it.

If your hose bursts or got pierced, here is a way to fix it.

  1. Disconnect your hose and let it dry
  2. Use electric tape or duct tape to fix the punctured or ruptured area
  3. If your hose bursts, then use a sharp knife to cut it
  4. Cut out the part that has ruptured
  5. Use a clamp or connector to connect the hoses together. Now you have two pieces of hose you connect together to make one.

How To Store a Garden Hose?

Safe garden hose - best garden hose
Safe garden hose

In the summer, when the weather is hot, and the hose is not being used, put it in the shade and avoid direct sunlight. Don’t leave it in the sun even if the specification says it’s UV safe.

I suggest using a hose reel. This is the best way to store a hose in the storage, and it’s safer as well. If you leave it outside without a hose reel, you can accidentally drive over it with a mower or lawn aerator.

These Tips Will Help You Choose a Hose:

  • Don’t try to save money by purchasing a simple single-layer hose. They break super easily.
  • For your house, the best option would be a multi-layer PVC hose with protection from UV rays and one that is cold resistant (if you’re in a country where there is winter)
  • Don’t pay more for a high-pressure hose if you don’t plan to use a pump or other specific high-pressure things. Most pressure in the city is around 5atm. Almost any hose can hold that kind of pressure.
  • A 1/2 inch diameter hose should not exceed 15m in length. Otherwise, the flow rate will decrease. The longer the hose, the bigger must be its diameter.
  • If you have very low water pressure, it’s better to buy a hose with a smaller diameter.
  • If you are using the hose quite often and are moving it very frequently, think about buying a hose reel or mobile carts. You can also avoid damaging the hose with these accessories.
  • To extend hose lifetime, don’t leave them out in direct sunlight and when stored, get all the water out.

Final Review For Best Garden Hose

Choosing the right garden hose is confusing since there’s a lot of options available now in the market. Each garden hose includes features, specifications, and other considerations and we looked for expandable, heavy-duty and lead-free hoses, as well as the best overall and those with the best value. Keeping your typical gardening tasks in mind, as well as the climate in your area will help you select the best garden hose for your needs.

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