The Many Homes of 7 Famous People

Designing your dream home and garden can be frustrating – there are so many possibilities, how are you supposed to decide on just one ‘theme’? The simple solution is to own more than one property!

Okay, that might not feasible for most of us. But the rich and famous who lead their lives this way can at least provide some kind of inspirational lead as they strive to find the perfect living space. Or perhaps the many homes of Bill Gates, Michael Jackson, and Oprah Winfrey point to a deeper truth: that it’s not the size and scale of a house that makes it home, but the way you love and lead your life.

This fascinating new infographic from Home Advisor takes you on a tour through the property histories of seven such public figures. What would you do with a home like that?

Bill Gates Home

Gates’ childhood home was as idyllic as the classic Microsoft home screen meadow – it overlooked Lake Washington in Seattle. However, he’s lived the past three decades in the high-tech, $63m Medina mansion that he built in the 1980s. It’s nicknamed Xanadu 2.0, after the title character’s estate in the movie Citizen Kane.

Michael Jordans Home

At 1.98m tall, Michael Jordan’s first housing need has to be high doorways and ceilings, right?

He finally managed to move to such a massive property by building an 11-bedroom house on three acres of land in the mega-rich Bear’s Club community in Jupiter, Florida. He also keeps a penthouse suite and lakeside retreat in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Georgia O’ Keeffe Home

The ‘world’s most expensive female artist’ grew up in a farmhouse but left behind a $65m estate when she died in 1986. She kept a suite at the Shelton Hotel in NYC but frequently returned to nature, finding inspiration for her paintings at ranches beside Lake George and in New Mexico.

Oprah Winfrey Home

Oprah Winfrey is another farm girl who moved to the big city, occupying rooms at Chicago’s Water Tower Palace while her talk show grew and later moved to a $52m mansion in Montecito, California. The latter is called The Promised Land, and Oprah even has her own rose cultivator on hand who’s created seven new strains of the flower – including one named for Oprah.

Michael Jacksons Home

The King of Pop’s best-known residence is his Peter Pan-inspired Neverland ranch – and it continues to enchant his (almost adult) children today. Daughter Paris Jackson has even returned there to create a Zen garden for peaceful reflection.

Paul McCartney Home

Another working-class kid made good, the most annoying Beatle has swapped up Merseyside for London, Beverley Hills, and Manhattan. The latter pad, a $15.5m 10-room apartment, boasts stunning views of Central Park.

Ernest Hemingway Home

His writing may have been no-nonsense, but his homes were borderline flamboyant! His final home, where he took his life, was a rural house in Ketchum, Idaho – today it is a nature preserve.

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