Tips For Choosing a Tree Service Company In Buffalo

It’s not uncommon to want to care for the trees near your house, and most people we meet in Buffalo care a lot about them. They provide shade, increase property value, and add to aesthetic appeal.

But you need to remember that every tree is a living being—a living being with needs that must be met to keep it happy and healthy. For the upkeep of mother nature, you can either go and spend months looking up how to maintain them and buying all the necessary equipment, or you can just go ahead save yourself the time and effort by hiring a professional tree service company.

Why Hire a Tree Service Company

The Essentials of Starting a Tree Care Service
The Essentials of Starting a Tree Care Service

The main reason that people look for tree services in Buffalo, New York, is that they want to plant, trim, or remove a tree. Tree service companies are also called in to diagnose and deal with diseased trees.

The primary advantage of hiring professionals is the peace of mind knowing that the job is going to be done right and that you don’t have to be out there risking life and limb yourself.

Thanks to having the proper equipment and the necessary know-how, working with a tree service company helps avoid any potential injury to your person or your property. It’s always the safest bet to hire a professional to take care of your needs.

That being said, let’s go over some of the secrets to help you know how to hire a legitimate company that will provide the service you need in Buffalo.

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What To Look For In a Tree Service Company

Before you even go and call the first company that pops up on Google, take some time to do your research to ensure that you’re hiring a professional, licensed business with a track record for success.

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Better Business Bureau

Perhaps the simplest step you can take is to go online and find whether the company has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau (or BBB). A tree service company that’s accredited is one that has invested the time and effort into meeting the BBB’s standards, so you know you’re dealing with someone that’s reputable. You can also find the BBB’s rating of the business, which is calculated based on how well they address consumer complaints (among other factors).


If a company works well, they shouldn’t be the only ones saying that. You can find the reputation that the service has with the local community through online reviews or other methods. While, Google, Facebook, and Yelp are all great places to check out reviews, there are also certain trade organizations, like the International Society of Arboriculture, that can help prove a business’s reputation.


A price that’s too low or too high is going to be suspicious. If you’re unsure of whether it falls into either side, there’s a simple way to get around this issue. Getting estimates with more than one company lets you know what the standard rate is for tree service in the Buffalo area.

This kind of estimate is best done in person, where you can also judge the company’s professionalism and expertise firsthand while giving you the valuable moment to ask questions.

Don’t know what to ask? Don’t worry, we’ve also got your back there…

What To Ask Before Hiring a Tree Service Professional

These questions are great for when you first start talking with your contractor but remember that you can still probably find the answer to some of these online.

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How Long Have You Been In Business?

A lot of companies in the tree care business just pop up without having the necessary knowledge to actually do a good job. Be sure to ask how long they’ve been working in the Buffalo area, so you can be certain that they have the experience to make their company work properly. Tree work can be dangerous to people and property, so you don’t want to take chances with an amateur or inexperienced company.

How Will You Avoid Damage?

Trees are big and heavy, so most experts will know exactly what they can do to avoid any potential damage to your yard and property. At the end of the day, protecting things around the tree is an essential part of the job, so most contractors will have a detailed answer.

If they just say they’ll fill in their tire tracks with dirt, that’s probably not a good sign. Look for companies who have a clear plan to prevent damage rather than just cover it up.

Are You Insured?

In the rare event that something dangerous or damaging does occur, you need to know that the expenses won’t be coming out of your pocket. Take the time and know whether the tree company is insured or not, and ask for the insurance to be mentioned in the contract.

The last thing you want when a stray branch comes crashing through your window is to have to fight the company to pay for the damages. If they’re insured, you know from the get-go that it won’t be a hassle.

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Whose Equipment Will They Be Using?

A surefire way to tell a truly established company from a less experienced one is whether or not they provide all of their own equipment. While it isn’t always a deal-breaker, a company that is renting most of its equipment is one that doesn’t have much capital built up. A more well-rooted business (forgive the pun) would own most, if not all, of the equipment they’ll be using.

A Final Note: Beware Door-To-Door Tree Service Scams

Avoid unlicensed door-to-door tree service contractors at all costs. This is a common scam around Buffalo and other areas that are warned of by such companies as the BBB and Angie’s list.

Typically, the scam involves someone pulling up unannounced and telling you that they’ve recently done some work in your neighborhood. Then they pressure you into a high pitch sell-by warning you about branches growing into power lines and other dangers.

After you fork over some money, they might do a little bit of trimming just for show, but it won’t be professional work and they’ll probably leave a mess for you to clean up.

So, whether you need trees trimmed, removed, planted, or otherwise, we hope this guide helps you find the best tree service company in Buffalo.

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