The Best Tools For Weeding

The best tools for weeding are an essential part of any garden. Left unmanaged, weeds can spread and steal valuable nutrients from your flowers and foliage. While you can physically remove weeds by hand, this is a time-consuming task that can be detrimental to your grass and plants if done incorrectly. Whether you have a small herb garden or a large flowerbed, there’s a weed removal tool to suit every garden size and style.

Hand Tools Will Help For Weeding.

Experienced gardeners know that gardening can be a battle – when you are fighting something else, weeds attack you from all places. The weather, pests, and diseases are not your friends too at most of the time. They are your enemies. The worst enemy is weeds – these out-of-place plants do not surrender easily and without a fight! If you want to win weeds, you will need decent tools, you will need the best tools for weeding.

weeding tools
weeding tools

As I have seen, most of the gardeners are just pulling out weeds from the ground using their hands. It’s hard, time-wasting and ineffective. Other gardeners are using chemicals. OK, this is not the worst thing to do, if you are using natural chemicals and not harmful to other plants, but as I have seen, none of them cares what they are buying unless it says chemicals. So, if you belong to these gardeners, I think it is time to reconsider why and how to do weeding properly. Maybe try weeding with tools, with great and high-quality tools. You will see the difference. With some great tools, you can save time, your health and get better quality soil.

Some people are using a garden fork and spade, but if you want to do a little bit more organized wedding, then you will need more compact and better tools.

Weeding Tool Types

There are two types of weeding tools – long-handled and short-handled tools. You need both of them. Each of them has its own purpose. Today there is no problem finding a short-handled weeding tool with a long handle. You can mix them how you want.

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With short-handled weeding tools, you will be able to kick out weeds at point-blank range. Short wedding tools are used to replace your hands. They mostly have fingerlike blades for clawing, slicing or hooking weeds. Many of them have a hook to pull weeds out of the ground. The bad thing about small tools is that they require you to bend over, kneel or squat. Otherwise, you will have more power and precision to get out most of the weeds.

With long-handled weeding tools, you can get out weeds from above, without bending, squatting or kneeling. This is the best choice for gardeners who have back or knee pain or arthritis because long-handled weeding tools are used from a standing position.  Long-handled weeding tools mostly are hoe-type tools with blades and some corners for pulling out.  If you have a large area to weed and weeds are not deep inside the ground, go for long-handled weeding tools. It will be much easier because of their wide heads and fast pulling method.

When you are going to the shop, don’t choose weeding tools by the looks. Pick them up, feel them, check if they are comfortable and how easy they are to use. Check how your hand feels. Maybe the handle is too thick or too thin. Don’t choose thin handles. Your hands will be hurting after a few hours of use. Go for the handles which have rubber parts and unique design handles. They are mostly made for the best feeling and long working.

Best Tools For Weeding

1. Root Remover

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With this simple tool, you can quickly remove roots from the soil of long rods. Plantains, dandelions, thistles, and sorrel, have huge roots and with this simple yet powerful tool, you can remove them without any problems. Its classic version of this tool looks like a two-pronged fork with wide teeth and gap between them. But remember, with this tool you can’t remove all roots. Just a part of it so after a few weeks this root will return.

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2. Gap Cleaner

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This simple tool with a blade in the form of L is used to remove weeds and roots between tiles or pavement. You can use it in other tight spaces too. But there is one problem, you will remove roots and weeds also with soil. So you will need to fill these gaps with clean soil after weeding. But that’s not a problem, isn’t it? 

3. Garden Fork

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This is the tool that should be in every gardener’s toolbox. I think this is one of the most powerful small tools against weeds with a well-developed root system like blackberries, wild raspberries or buttercups. And if you try to bend it at a 45-degrees (only teeth) you will be able to loosen the soil surface and simultaneously pull weeds. Note: When you are buying these tools, check how it feels in your hand. It must feel comfortable.

4. Choppers (Hoes)

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Hoes come in three main varieties: Dutch, simple and hand-holding. Dutch hoe has a slightly tilted blade for long cuttings. Dutch hoe is best for trimming a top layer of soil, therefore, cutting the root of weeds. Direct (simple or straight) hoe is best for chopping weeds when standing straight. The best variation for people with back problems. If you don’t have back problems or knee problems, go for a handheld hoe. It’s just like a simple hoe but smaller, like a miniature copy. This variation is best for small and more accurate works.

5. Gardening Gloves And Gardening Mat

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Simple, but needed things that make the tedious job of weeding more comfortable. Of course, if you are not afraid of dirt, bugs, and other things, you can weed without a gardening mat, but I can tell you that with this mat you can kneel and sit without any problems and weeding will not be that exhausting. There are also knee pads which I prefer better than mat because you need to carry them around all the time but knee pads you just wear and forget.

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Then also you need rubberized gloves which will protect your hands and will provide better contact with the tool handle. For protection, gloves are required while gardening because they can protect hands against injuries from pruners, digging, pick mattocks. If you are using chemicals, gloves can prevent skin irritation and infections.

Therefore, choosing sturdy materials is vital, such as rubber, leather, and natural hides (pigskin, cowhide, deerskin, etc.). Latex is waterproof and can protect against mud and chemicals. Cotton breathes well and is comfortable, but lacks the protection of other materials. Only get cotton or more standard fabrics if the work is light. Getting gloves with grip enhancers and cuffs to prevent outside stuff from entering is recommended.

That’s why you need the best gloves you can buy because there is a saying – the more expensive gloves you buy, the more money you save. And it’s true, I have not changed my gloves almost for two years now. Because they are in a good condition, they were expensive and of high quality. I mostly work with bushes and roses, so I bought these. but if you are just planting something I recommend these. Of course, if you have another experience with gloves, please tell me in the comments, I will edit this article and give that information to readers too.

That’s all about weeding. I hope you got all information you need and if not, write up a comment and I will try to help you with all my knowledge 

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