Top Gardening Tools That Make Excellent Gifts This Christmas

Do you have a friend or family member that is an avid gardener? If they are on your gift-giving list, then it is time to find some fun and unique gardening tools that make excellent gifts this Christmas.

It can be confusing knowing what items would make a nice gift, especially if you aren’t a gardener yourself. From digging tools to wheelbarrows, gardening gifts are sure to delight those who are special to you. Inspired by the ideal gifts for tool lovers by Mark from, which features mainly power tools, here is our own version with the top gardening tools for you to give this year.

Top Gardening Tools

1. Clearing Tools

The main things that all gardeners need are tools that help them clear fast. This can come in a variety of different tools which each offer their own unique abilities.

Clearing tools are capable of trimming, cutting, severing, or sawing at vines, stems and roots. They are perfect when dealing with an overgrown garden or if they are just beginning to get involved in gardening.


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If your loved one needs to clear some land to start a garden, a hatchet will be an invaluable tool. They are easy to handle, lightweight and can cut down small trees up to 2-inches in diameter.

Billhook Saw

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When the garden needs to be tamed, a billhook saw is a way to go. This ultra-sharp, rust-resistant blade is designed for a wide range of tasks. It also allows for one hand to remain free during the clearing process.

Garden Fork

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Otherwise known as a spading fork, this gardening tool features a handle and short, sturdy tines. It is ideal for loosening, lifting and turning the soil.

To see someone clear their garden by hand, or for a look at some other tools that would make a great gift idea.

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2. Digging Tools

The next most important thing in a garden is to have the ability to dig. While some of the clearing tools are also capable of digging, here are some more options.

Digging Shovel

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When most people think about digging, they immediately think of the shovel. This is the best tool to use when planting anything bigger than a fist. Invest in a high-quality shovel that features an ergonomic design if you want to make the gardener happy.

Edging Spade

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This flat-blade tool is ideal for edging the garden, cutting roots or slicing turf neatly. Some people also use it for general planting purposes.

Garden Trowel

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This tool which features a pointed, scoop-shaped blade sits on a wooden, plastic or metal handle. It is often used as a way to break up the earth, transferring plants and digging small holes.

If you need more clarification on the difference between a shovel and a spade.

3. Pruning Tools

Pruning is an essential skill used in gardening. It encourages the healthy growth of shrubs, trees and plants. Here are some tools that would make great gifts for this skill.


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This go-to tool is ideal for cutting stems, small woody twigs or deadheading flowers. Bypass pruners are the best general-purpose tool when looking to prune.

Pruning Saw

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This all-purpose tool is ideal for cutting through larger stems and usually folds up safely for storage or transport.

Hoses & Sprayers

Neverkink 9844-100 Series 4000 Commercial Duty Pro Garden Hose
Neverkink 9844-100 Series 4000 Commercial Duty Pro Garden Hose

It is impossible to have a garden without the right hoses and sprayers. Treat your loved on to the gift of water this year and help their garden grow.

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You’ll find a variety of materials available varying from vinyl and rubber. There is also a mixture of sizes to choose from; normally from 25 to 75 feet. For a customized look, you can also pick from various color options as well.

A heavy-duty rubber hose should last for several years or more. This is especially true if it is stored indoors in colder climates. While some people will simply use their thumb to adjust the spray flow, it is better to invest in a spray attachment.

Then, your gardening friend can use a soft stream of water on the newly seeded areas or a harder blast when cleaning off the gardening tools.

We all know those people that have tons of old garden hoses lying around the house! Now would be the perfect time to share with them this video on garden hoses hacks

Other gardening accessories as a gift

While not necessarily considered gardening “tools”, these must-have ideas are going to make any gardener happy this year.


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Wheelbarrows make everything easier for the gardener. They are ideal for carrying soil, firewood and mulch. Many people also find them to be useful when carrying tools around the yard. For heavy loads, you’ll want to invest in a steel bin wheelbarrow over a poly.

In addition, a two-wheel model is perfect for stability on heavy loads. If you want to treat your loved one to an extra special gift, upgrade the wheelbarrow to a model with never-flat tires.


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There are more options for garden gloves than you could even imagine. From varying designs to lengths, there is sure to be something that will suit your loved one.

Consider grabbing a variety of gardening gloves and putting them into a gift basket with some of the various tools we’ve mentioned.

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There are even some gloves that offer plastic claws on the end of the fingers to make digging easier!

Want another homemade gift idea? It is possible to make a pair of gardening gloves! Check out this video for the instructions.

Garden Kneelers & Seats

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Do you know someone that likes to garden but doesn’t enjoy being on their knees for hours? This option is the best gift idea for them!

Making use of a garden seat or kneeler allows the knees to be comfortable while still remaining low enough to work in the garden. Some options feature wheels for portability. Others even have storage options right on board to keep tools and supplies handy.

Aside from the seats, you need to work in the garden, you can also help your loved one to enjoy their garden more by getting them a bench. This offers a nice place to admire their hard work. If you are handy, why not build one yourself? Here’s a tutorial on how to make a garden bench anyone would love as a gift.


As you can see, there are lots more than just five great gardening gifts you can choose from. From clearing the garden to planting and caring for the garden, there are a wide variety of tools that are needed.

Consider taking several of the options listed above and creating a larger gardening gift. If the items will fit into a basket or flower pot, that would make for a nice presentation as well. You can fill up the empty spaces with some seed packets or flower food.

Whatever you decide to give, remember it is the fact that you put thought into what the other person enjoys. That, in itself, will show how much you cared and wanted to make them happy.

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