Ways To Make a Tropical Garden

Bring life to your front yard or backyard by sprucing up your garden with tropical beauty. Your neighbors, family, and friends will want to know your tricks if you follow the tips in this article and make your outside living area colorful.

But What If You Don’t Live In The Tropics?

You don’t need to move to a tropical paradise to bring lush wildlife to your home. Visualize images that come to mind when you think tropical – vivid colors, lush greens, spilling foliage. Then, head out to buy plants to emulate that. You will have your very own tropical garden in no time.

Ways To Make a Tropical Garden

If you want to make a tropical garden a reality in your backyard, you need to know what plants to include and what kinds of soil to use. You’d also want to know how to maintain your garden.


You might think all tropical plants flourish best in hot weather, but that’s not always the case. Some grow better in hot climates, others in cooler climates. Research what type of climate each of your tropical plants will thrive better in and then arrange your garden accordingly.

For plants that prefer a warmer client, you may want to plant them in a pot so that you’ll be able to bring them indoors when winter comes.

Nurturing Tips

  • Soil made up of organic matter such as manure and compost will keep the soil moisturized and this is best for large-leafed plants.
  • Using generous amounts of compost and cow manure on your plants during the warmer seasons will keep them healthy.
  • Add mulch around the plants to keep roots cool and moisturized.
  • Water regularly using a hose or drip-watering system.

Preparing Your Backyard For Tropical Garden

Don’t be discouraged if you look at a tropical area and think that you could never recreate that in your backyard. You can – it may take some time, but you can definitely achieve it.

For filtered sunlight and jungle-like conditions, fashion an upper canopy out of tropical trees that you have either planted or that you are lucky enough to already have nearby. This upper canopy will offer protection from too much sun and harsh winds.

You can also try creating this canopy with clumped bamboo, self-cleaning palms, or evergreens. It all depends on what’s manageable for you and what visual element you’d like to add to your backyard.

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Prepare your soil for a tropical garden by adding mulch and other organic matter. This makes the soil keep moisture in and prevents your plants from drying out. It will also help to protect them from the cold.

Tropical Garden Design

You don’t have to be a landscape designer to plan out the layout of your perfect garden. Start taking notes about what’s around you. For instance, make note of trees, statues, or existing things already in your garden.

Then, either plan around them or think of what you want there instead. A helpful note to remember is that if there are any trees already in your backyard, do not get rid of them. Instead, make use of them and let them lend their look to your tropical garden.

Surround the tree with other plants and let nature work its magic. You can also add things like a walkway, a pool, a patio for dining, or all three. Natural materials look best in a tropical setting, so using wood or stone to build structural additions would work wonders.

You could even build a gazebo and make it the centerpiece of your garden. Outdoor lighting is also something you should have for both function and decoration. If you have a tropical garden with a walkway or patio, odds are, you won’t only be visiting your garden in the daytime.

Take a romantic walk down the pathways with mood lighting showing the way, or take a walk to the gazebo and look up at the stars. The kind of lights you could invest in are torches, candles, lanterns, or any kind of downlights.

Outdoor lighting will improve the mood of your tropical garden in the nighttime. Not only that, but you may also want to add furniture to your garden. For example, stone benches are recommended.

If you have a patio or gazebo, use cane, timber, or Asian-style furniture with lots of cushions. Maybe even add a tiki bar – don’t be afraid to get creative.

What Makes a Good Tropical Garden?

While you’re designing, you may want to think about what makes a good tropical garden and what you should consider in your development of it. Well, one main aspect of tropical gardens is their lushness and density.

Don’t be conservative with how many plants you want to nurture and feel free to plant plenty. You should also think in layers, shape and composition. Don’t plant for the sake of it – think about which plants should go where as well as the visual statement you want to make.

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There should be a variation of plants in your garden. One of the most important and visually pleasing things you can do is stagger your plants. There should be tall trees like palms, magnolias, pines, or other such trees to provide the upper canopy or protection.

Then, there should be shrubbery and low-growing foliage and flowers. Try to include bright-colored flowers. The colors of your garden should pop – beautiful, vibrant greens with splashes of yellows, pinks, reds and blues.

Tropical Plants And Flowers

To get you started with the creation of your garden, see what suggestions we have.

First off, go for plants that have large leaves. These plants’ distinct shapes will provide a beautiful visual aspect to your garden perfectly reminiscent of the tropics. They can also provide shade for lower-tier flowers and other small plants closer to the ground.

For variation, you can place large, round-shaped leaf plants next to plants with skinny, blade-shaped leaves. This will add a new dimension to your garden. As mentioned in the design section above, overlapping and layering plants is the key to an interesting garden.

Some Specific Plants You Can Try For The Upper Canopy Include:

  • Golden cane palm
  • Kentia palm
  • Majestic palm
  • Alexandra palm
  • Giant bird of paradise

Some Specific Plants You Can Try For The Middle Tier Are:

  • Hardy banana
  • Clustered parlor palm
  • Lady palm
  • Canna lily
  • Zebra plant

A Few Plants You May Want To Try For The Low Growers Include:

  • Bromeliad
  • Impatiens
  • Bird’s nest fern
  • Calathea
  • Lilyturf

For flowers, you want to make sure you stick to bright and vibrant colors. However, the flowers don’t all have to be tropical. Mix and match different variations, even some you may not normally see in the tropics, to create a surprising and wondrous visual.

In Addition, Go For Unique And Varying Shapes. Some Flower Recommendations Include:

  • Jasmine
  • Honeysuckle
  • Hibiscus
  • Canna


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To create the best tropical garden and have a well of ideas to pull from, look at what other people are doing and take note of as many design tips and ideas as you can. Along with reading articles like this one, visit the bookstore and grab a book on tropical gardens.

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The internet is a great resource, so look at what other people are doing. Knowing everything that’s possible in the creation of a tropical garden will widen your mind and give you new inspiration.

Maintaining Your Tropical Garden

The lusher your tropical garden is, the more intimidated you may be about maintaining it. Don’t worry though, because it’s simpler than it looks. If you have given them the right sunlight and provided the right environment, the plants will do most of the work themselves.

Especially during the summer, the summer season is the best time to thrive for your tropical garden. In the case of watering your plants, you can’t use a watering can like you would with a smaller, more intimate rose garden.

After all, that would take too much time. Instead, get a watering hose to keep your plants watered. During the wintertime, you may want to wrap your plants in fleece material or bring some of them inside. Maybe even consider a greenhouse.

Then, your plants would be protected from any harsh winters. You also have to make sure to remove any insects that may be harmful to your plants or even kill them. Also, remove dried leaves to keep the visual element of your garden spectacular.

Regular Cleaning Is The Key To Maintaining a Beautiful Garden.

Tropical gardens, known for being beautiful and lush, will add an unmatched visual element to your backyard.

There is nothing like creating something from scratch, or from very little, that makes you feel proud. The potential for value and enrichment that a tropical garden can add is endless. Once created, a tropical garden can be used as a source of relaxation and decompression.

This is especially the case when you add features such as a pond, pool, fountain, or gazebo in the garden as well. Invite friends and family over for get-togethers, go outside and read a book, or let your kids immerse themselves in a world of beauty.

If you think you want a tropical garden, get started today. Research from websites such as garden-fountains.com and then execute your plan; you definitely won’t regret it. The beauty of plant life will transform your home and improve your mood.

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